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Name Saltis

Pronouns he/him

Age Adult

Race Ant (aner)

Spectrum Lesser God

Homeland Gemline

Location Saltis

♬ Disobedient


Easily-endeared and impressed, even though Saltis wouldn't admit it. He tries to play himself off as a tough guy and employ tough love to his residents, but harbors too much of a soft spot for mortals to even get halfway there. Honestly, a hopeless romantic underneath a standoffish and passive-aggressive exterior. Easily angered if one of his (few but prevalent) fuses is sparked, but otherwise very patient and compassionate. Saltis is fairly lonely underneath his hardened exterior and loves attention.


Saltis was one of the earliest lesser gods to leave Gemline, beginning when an Ant was thrown out of Ink Colony as punishment for a crime and begged Saltis - a nearby god - to assist. Moved, Saltis constructed the city of Saltis, a haven for all who were exiled, ran away, or simply disagreed with the other colonies. When Narke enacted the no-mortals rule, Saltis completely separated from Gemline and took up living in his city full-time, although he hid his identity from the majority of his mortals. Saltis now spends his hours prancing around his town, meeting mortals and bestowing secret gifts on them.