Assorted Girls - OPEN [1/5]



7 months, 13 days ago


PM me about wanting to buy

price: 300 - 500 points  or $3.50 - $5.50

vitilEYEgo | tattoos??? : taken
little red riding hood | wolf kemonomimi : taken
uR A WIZARD | gay : taken
ohana | fashion role model :
80s anime ninja girl | looking for her doki doki while killing ppl : taken

R U L E S + T . O . S

- no refunds
- will hold for 48 hours
- if you do not pay within 24 hours then the adopts will be given to the next person
- you'll get a watermark-free adopt- once bought [80s anime ninja girl will come with a file that has no effects]
- if there is a price range instead of one set price then you may pay however much you want in between those prices

base jawlatte | designs softboi-png-Adopts 

{O P E N . A D O P T S}