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Take notice that this is a Toy House which stores characters belonging to a comic. The following characters might experience situations that might be uncomfortable to some individuals. The characters might also have malicious or unhealthy intentions, scars or injuries, unsettling features, or have the tendency to drink and smoke. Please take note that all three owners of this account do not condone anything such as pedophilia, racism, bullying, murder, etc. 

All of these characters are also not for sale and never will be. If this phrase changes, it will be known after comic completion. All art included is either gifted, requested, drawn by us, or commissioned. If you are the artist of one of these artworks and would like it taken down, please note BuddyBoiSteve on DeviantArt and we will remove it afterwards. All art and characters, however, have been credited properly. All characters have been verified for use through notes or messages.

Thank you for reading and enjoy the characters. 

-RADIOACTIVE-ROLLOUT, Haminjago, and AtlasMagnum

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