William Windsor's Comments

Tbh my laptop functions like william when it is low on battery

Laptop: Your battery is at 7%! Please plug in.

Me: *gets charger literally within 5 seconds*

Laptop: *dead*


aw rip that sucks big-time

I actually based that bit on my old tablet which would give the yellow triangle and be all like "Hey you kinda have only, like, 25% battery left," and then just die a minute later. 25%. And then it dies. It wouldn't even get to the red X, it would just die. And I would lose everything I was working on, which made me want to die, and is why I just got a new tablet. I lost too many drawings and Word documents that way. Plus, it didn't even charge half the time. It would die and just not recharge for a couple days. I guess that's what I get for the abuse that thing went through.