Lea "Twilight"




Full name Lea Johnson
Age 18
Gender Female (she/her)
Resides in San Francisco, United States

Lea loves new friends and new faces. An evening shift barista at Kiana's Place (the two-floor cafe down the street beside the offices) she's always the one asking the customers what they're up to getting coffee that late: her genuine interest in others' lives radiates from her, and people flock to it.

She's always got the big picture in the back of her mind: the goals she has her sights on (such as paying off her loans...), or the portrait she's painting in her head of the community in this corner of San Francisco, how it interlocks and moves, all recorded in various address books and devices scattered across her apartment.

But what's right up before her gets overlooked in the process, such as the growing disarray on her apartment floor, reflecting the state of her thoughts. It wouldn't be uncommon for her to trap herself outside her apartment by forgetting the keycard. Her landlady, Cindy, has become familiar with her face (and rich off of her door-unlocking fees).

When she's not at work, she sinks no small portion of her income in her main hobby, astronomy. Her tiny capsule apartment in Japantown is littered with cafe coupons and stargazing equipment, but her most prized piece is the 8-inch Dobsonian telescope she always has pointed at her window. She isn't one to unload her woes on friends or strangers, but occasionally she will complain about how San Francisco is just about the worst place to be a hobbyist stargazer.


Oh, you know how it goes. Lea grew up with her parents in San Francisco, joined her middle school's archery club, watched AI-automated infrastructure crop up all across the city, lost a close friend to incarceration when said friend was discovered to be able to alter genomes with a touch...

She moved out of her parents' home in the middle of college hoping to strike out on her own, but wasn't prepared for the financial burden of living alone, nor the nightmare housing market of San Francisco. This has seen her moving into a minuscule apartment in now-overdeveloped Japantown.

It's what they call a "capsule apartment"—where, to jam as many units in a single block as possible, they built each one about six feet wide and twelve feet deep (with just one window), laid them out in circular floors, and put a single doorway at the inner end that opens straight into the rotating elevator, the only one in the building. The kitchen and fridge occupy recesses in the wall, and the dinner table unfolds from the wall. God help the residents in the event of a blackout...

Lea became a barista because she's certainly not netting any big time jobs with her Creative Writing degree. She still writes casually, contributing to a casual science enthusiast website that is low-key a click farm, in between maintaining Reaches of Twilight, an oftentimes poetic informative astronomy website.

Adelaide (forgotten friend) Adelaide was a close childhood friend who vanished from Lea's life when the authorities took her in. Lea has always lingered on that memory; she doesn't think the girl deserved what she got and isn't quite sure what to make of the news that she supposedly has the ability to genetically alter organisms.
Cindy (landlady) Her landlady, Cindy, lives up the street in a house of her own. She is exacting about rules and fines, so as disorderly as her apartment gets, she makes sure to be meeting fire safety regulations. They don't see each other often, but with how often she forgets her card, run-ins are inevitable. Lea doesn't know much about her, but she sure as hell wishes she did.
Kiana (boss) The owner of the cafe Lea works at thinks she is an absolute treasure to have around, and is willing to overlook her forgetfulness when she's asked to do non-routine things, like bring glitter to work for making holiday decor.
  • Moodboard
  • Lea first appeared in Blackout, a Twine game spinoff of Revolving Door, where she is trapped in her apartment by a blackout and must locate her backup power generator to get out.
  • Routine is her friend, but every now and then, when things get too much, she rides a bike away from the city with her telescope. Sometimes the top of a nearby hill will have to do.
  • She spends her free time running Reaches of Twilight a blog about her astronomical findings and musings. She's known by her handle "reaches-of-twilight" in many places and it is from there that her favoured nickname, Twilight, came.
  • She used to have 3 different names in various iterations, and I like to think that she actually went through having all those names in her life.