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Age rangeYoungHeight2.1 m
Corruption cause

♠ About ♠
Rosette is a corrupt swordman that wanders around the forest in search of something. It is said that he wanders during afternoons and sometimes in the dawn. If it's seen, folks warn to not get near him, because it can get aggresive at times out of nowhere.
This corrupt is mostly accepted, a bit by fear but mostly because it doesn't bother or interfere with the habitants of where he wanders.

♥ Personality ♥
Rosette is mostly calm and unknown. Though he is easily provoked.
He is pretty naive and may be way too immature at times. 
♦ Skills ♦
✧ He knows how to use his sword.
✧ Can summon roses, from normal to gigant ones.
✧ Can use more than one attack at once.
✧ Shoots spikes from his "mouth".
✧ May summon mushrooms or branches.
✧ Stab.
✧ His thorns can grow.
✧ Great agility.

✔ Likes and interests
✖ Dislikes
✔ Roses
✔ Ballet music
✔ Shiny things
✔ Lullabies
✔ Cupcakes
✔ Squirrels
✔ Mushrooms
✔ Humming
✖ Fire
Hummming birds
✖ Sharp things
✖ Blood
✖ Poison
✖ Stabbing
✖ Cold
✖ Dark
☁ Trivia ☁

☆ Has an strange fear / repulsion to bunnies.
☆ Bleeds sap.

☆ Though he dislikes stabbing, he always reacts to everything by stabbing. This is why also he hates stabbing.
☆ May be heard humming in the dawn. Has a distorted voice, but the melody is recognizable.