9 months, 2 days ago


Do not draw with elf ears, please!

YES, this one has stars around the head as well. Yes, the stars are all black.

I designed this star keeper as a look of not a particular character. So you can buy and use it for your ideas.

Maybe it's a space elf who gets mad when someone gazes at their stars for too long, and this elf is really dangerous when disturbed or when someone tries to obtain some stars. Anyway, a foe will see the secret black hole in the star form, hidden under the neck bandanna, and it can be the last thing noticed in their life. Maybe it's a soul of a dead being who wanted to get in space for all their life, and then the soul became a keeper of a galaxy somewhere. It wanted to travel a lot, so it carries its galaxy on its clothes and hair, and the star systems there are moving and alive always, making changing patterns. Maybe it's a demon with a black soul disguised as a harmless teenager of a particular race, and only the dark eyes and the star below the neck can show the true nature. Maybe it's someone else - use your imagination as you want.

Allowed: minor redesign, any backstory, features and personality, gender choice, any species relation, any links and stories, just keep it stylish.