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Age ThousandsHeight (and length)1.2 m and 1.9 m
Divine beastColor
Silver blue
December 3rd

♠ About ♠
Kura is a divine beast that wanders and guards sacred places and gods. She is one of the first divine beasts, and symbolizes emotion and compassion. Said to be born from a lily.
She was once raised by a human child, with contact lost nowadays. Making her have a bond with the species and specially protecting them from corrupts.
♥ Personality ♥
Kura is mostly a grumpy, serious and stubborn person. She doesn't like people not obeying her commands, but since most people do, she prefers to be alone at forests. She's also skeptical.
Though she has a strict and really uninterested personality, she is really emotive and reacts easily to everything. Due to this a lot of divine beasts don't take her serious, and some even consider her weird, still, due to her rank and age, she is considered wise and needs to be respected.
♦ Skills ♦
✧ She is capable of summoning flames.
✧ Can see souls of living people.
✧ Great speed.
✧ Great agility.
✧ Can heal wounds.
✧ Her mirror can reflect whatever she choses to.
✧ Pretty resistant.
✧ Can evoke curses on people.
✧ Can extend someone's lifetime temporally.
✧ Can summons lilies.
✧ Can summons shine.
✧ Can create astral projections.

✔ Likes and interests
✖ Dislikes
✔ Fire
✔ Jam
✔ Flowers
✔ Breezes
✔ Reading
✔ Scolding
✔ Birds
✔ Fishes
✔ Feeling better than everyone else
✔ Afternoon
✖ Too much fire
✖ Too much jam
✖ A lot of youth
✖ Coffee
✖ Spicy things
✖ Brightness
✖ Devils and demons
✖ Night
✖ Cinder
✖ Thunders
☁ Trivia ☁

☆ Her length and height is based around the average size of a male lion.
☆ She was one of my first OCs ever, if not the first.
☆ She was originally a monster from a monster saga.
☆ She's based off of Kyubimon and Gatomon.
☆ In design, she used to be anthro, but was made four-legged so she would seem more majestic.
☆ She grows feathers, but not a lot.
☆ She's a mix between fox, lion, cat, dog and even a little of bird. Still, she's mostly based off of a kyubi.
❁ Relationships ❁