Full name Chrisodette Crystal of the House of Clubs
Age 37
Gender Female (she/her)
Resides in Club County
Designed by bulgariansumo (with story-related tweaks + more club motifs in her clothes)! Probably a WIP.
This profile contains mentions of murder and death.

Chrisodette Crystal, the Countess of Clubs, is cloyingly coy. She conceals her cruelty under considerable conviviality. By some concerning compulsion, she collects curios that come in complementary sets.

OK, that's enough of that. Chrisodette obsessively collects artisanal objects—board game pieces, jewellery, sculptures, paintings—for no reason other than they come in matched sets. You wouldn't call it a problem until one sells a plot of land just to own that precious triplet of rubies cut by the country's foremost lapidary. Or has a collector poisoned under mysterious circumstances just to get one's hands on a tetraptych of sculptures. Chrisodette has done both these things, and more.

Despite all this, Chrissie is ruled by a potent self-preservation instinct born of paranoia. What goes around, comes around...unless you get out of the way when it does. She clings to her seat as Countess of Clubs as if it were the very meaning of her life, and it is the one thing in her life (besides her prized collection) that she would defend tooth and nail.


Chrisodette lived as many Countesses of Clubs did: making demands of the Baroness of Spades, cosying up to the Duchess of Diamonds, quietly resenting the Queen who got the best out of this arrangement.

But then news came that the Duchess, Adamanta, had married Murkvane of the House of Spades, and some espionage later, she learned what she had feared: that this move could—and had probably been made with intention to—jeopardise the Queen, and the very existence of the other Houses.

Seemingly aware of this danger, Queen Gertie soon came offering defence and alliance. Chrisodette, terrified for her life and her wealth and her seat, became the Queen's lapdog.

Adamanta Initially there was some false amiability and fear on Chrisodette's part towards Adamanta. Then it became suspicion and distrust when she learned of Adamanta's concerning family history.
Lup Second of the Club Court, Lup is her personal guard and most trusted advisor, a highly competent combatant whom she may or may not harbour interests of courting...
Blackrain Blackrain is probably Chrisodette's least favourite of the four matriarchs. There's bad blood between them, particularly since the Baroness' own father was the disowned eldest child of the Clubs house, spirited away from his old home. Chrisodette doesn't like her overt cosmetic efforts, either.
  • Does Chrisodette have an ojou-sama laugh? The answer is a resounding "ohohohohoho!"
  • If anyone dares ruin one of her sets, there's maces and bludgeons waiting for them.
  • As with all nobles, Chrisodette has the ability to turn into the Ace of Clubs.