"Ahh, your blood looks so much lovelier when it's outside of you, don't you think? ♥"

     An Akumamori Mage who grew tired of a monotonous lifestyle of impersonal mass killing. When the Space Police came knocking, she allowed herself to be arrested and taken to a prison planet called Celestella. This has hardly been a punishment in Ochotnik's eyes: now she serves only herself and can do whatever she wants! And what she wants is a life of getting up close and personal to someone lovely, sighing dreamily as she watches the life drain out of them.

     Spends her days working as an assassin when the right prices and/or right victims come up in between bouts of teasing her supposed rival, Lysis Persenche. Looking for a way to take down the infamous Hellscream on the side.


Name Ochotnik
Age 26
Gender DFAB Female
Pronouns she/her
Birthday June 18th
Zodiac Gemini
Place of Origin A deep abyss somewhere.
Species Akumamori Mage
Height 5'8"
Orientation Gray-Aromantic/Pansexual (leans toward men)
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Occupation Assassin
Date Created January 27th, 2016
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Crime Doing a whole lot of murdering.


  • Celestella  //  Main

(Role not provided for RP-original settings.)


selfish  •  vain  •  cunning  •  prideful  •  seductive

     First and foremost, Ochotnik cares only for herself. She wants money, power, and the satisfaction of victory; anything that gets between her and those things will face a painful death. She's intelligent, cunning, smooth, and utterly confident. Even when she loses, she has a habit of making others feel like they've lost. She has an infinite number of tricks up her sleeve, and even when incapacitated she's always planning.

     Ochotnik has something of a prefixation on her physical appearance and loves to show it off, seduction being a favored tactic of hers when it comes to getting what she wants. The best way to keep her from killing you is to flatter her, but even then that might not do much. She loves herself more than anyone else possibly could, so compliments are just telling her what she already knows!


  • Getting what she wants.
  • Hot tubs.
  • Nighttime.
  • Money.
  • Having others underestimate her.
  • The look in the eyes of those who underestimated her when they realize how foolish they were.
  • Rain.
  • Magazines.
  • Clothing with fur.
  • Horror stories.
  • Yo-yos.
  • Watermelons and green apples.
  • R&B.
  • Dangerous animals, but especially scorpions.


  • When her hair gets tangled.
  • When a job or fight goes on too long.
  • Losing (though she won't show it).
  • Oblivious people.
  • Settling for anything less than the best.
  • Greasy food.
  • Not getting what she wants.
  • Being somewhere without heating/air conditioning.
  • Unclean living spaces.
  • Mosquitoes.
  • Dry skin.
  • Kids.


  • Toying with others.
  • Sex.
  • Murder, lots of murder.
  • Solving logic puzzles.


     Ochotnik has a somewhat haunting look about her. Her skin is ghostly pale, there are strange marks that look like stains running down her face, her eyes don't match, and her build is so slender and leggy that every step she takes is impossibly light. Her hair is long and wavy, but to keep its vivid pink color from making her look too alive she keeps it tied up in a bun.

     Or maybe it's because her hair gets in the way when she fights. You know, whatever.


     Ochotnik's fashion sense doesn't help her look any less spooky. She always dresses in dark clothing, dressing just enough to look intimidating but not enough to lessen her sex appeal. Said clothing is often covered in strange, occult-like markings, and with her leg braces and scarf on her at all times... well, she's not exactly subtle about her powers and love for the dark side.


     Ochotnik's body language is carefully managed, deliberate, and seductive. She moves slowly and with her entire body, showing off in any way she can and ensuring every part of her is perfectly positioned. She lowers her gaze, twirls her hair around her fingers, and slides her hands with impeccable timing at critical points, able to stir up a wide array of feelings as she requires. Even the simplest of tasks like sitting down or turning her head are calculated, picked apart, and reformed into whatever movements will inspire the most arousal or intimidation.

     Or both. Often both.


     Somewhere between green apple and every scent with the word "moonlight" on it, like there's something fresh and living beneath all of that blackness.


     Low, resonating, disturbingly smooth. It brings to mind the shadows that drip off of her: dark, flowing, and incredibly dangerous.


     Ochotnik worked hard from birth, becoming an exceptionally feared Akumamori Mage before her horns even came in. Much of her past is a mystery, if only because anyone she came across wound up dead. Even among those in her kingdom she was a mystery, making up new stories about her past every time she was bothered enough about it. She never cared for the past, concerned only about securing a luxurious future for herself.

     Though as loyal as any Akumamori to her King (and likely sexually involved with him), she eventually found herself growing a bit dissatisfied with life. None of it felt quite personal enough. Akumamori were oriented toward destroying large groups at once, which was all well and good, but really a bit boring. She was fine with killing for a living - she enjoyed it, in fact! - but the way she was assigned to do it now was soooo dull. She found herself envying assassins and spies, how they got to get to know their victims so well before being able to watch the life drain from their body with their own eyes...

     Then came the rather unexpected day when the Space Police made their appearance in her kingdom. By all means she could have destroyed them, but... she decided to make a couple slip-ups, go a little easy on them. And, what a shame! She wound up being arrested! Even worse, she wound up being dropped off on some prison planet where she was suddenly free to do as she pleased! Darn!

     Needless to say, being "trapped" on Celestella was a welcome change to her! It was even more lawless at home, but this time she wasn't under anyone's thumb. She was free to follow her whims, often choosing to work as an assassin for anyone willing to pay her. At last, she could make her kills personal! She could really get to know her foes, her victims! It was just lovely~! ♥

     She's having quite a pleasant time these days and spends much of her time bothering Lysis Persenche, who she's formed some sort of weird rivalry with... but also a weird relationship with?? She'll flirt with him a little, steal his kills, embarrass him by letting him have the souls of those she kills anyway, try to kill him while still flirting with him, actually kill him while flirting with him, continue the cycle once he gets revived by the demonic energy surging through his veins... he's her favorite part of the place, honestly!


     Like all Akumamori, Ochotnik has a monster. Hers is bound to the braces on her legs, which amplify her legs (increased endurance, agility, jumping ability, power, etc.) and - as a bonus - leak shadows that are poisonous and burn flesh! She's also capable of manipulating her scarf, which can fling sharp crystals at her foes.

     Ochotnik is trained in various forms of magic, but primarily dark elemental magic. Akumamori Mages specialize in AOE attacks, making her good at eliminating large groups of enemies but not quite so good with things like precision. Though she's getting in practice now, her accuracy is... not so good. Because of this she'll usually use AOE magic to lead people into traps or into a more favorable area for fighting, where she can better deal with singular targets with her scarf and Sick Kicks.


HP 4 / 10 SP 9 / 10
ATK 7 / 10 DEF 3 / 10
INT 10 / 10 RES 6 / 10
TEC 5 / 10 HIT 3 / 10
SPD 7 / 10 LCK 8 / 10
AVERAGE: 6.2 / 10


Type Dark / Poison
Ability  Poison Touch
Nature  Impish
Characteristic  Thoroughly cunning.
 Dark Pulse Venoshock
 Nasty Plot High Jump Kick




  Blue Tome
Magical weapon. Range: 2. Damage reduced by target's Res.
  Infantry Unit Can move two spaces. Slowed by forests, etc.
Grants weapon advantage vs. colorless foes.
  Blazing Flame
Before combat this unit initiates, foes in an area near target take damage equal to 1.5x(unit's Atk minus foe's Def or Res).
  Escape Route 3
 Enables unit whose own HP ≤ 50% to wrap adjacent to any ally.
  Savage Blow 3
 If unit initiates attack, foes within 2 spaces of target take 7 damage after combat.


Disgaea Class Succubus
Etrian Odyssey Class Dark Hunter



     None yet, check back in later!


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This section only contains IC details about Ochotnik's most important connections. For more connections and more details on the connections listed here, please view her links!

Lysis Persenche
"Such a fun toy! Oh, how I love the confident but pathetic type... it sends a tingle up my spine every time he claims he'll win! I can't wait to tear him apart again and again and again! I hope he never learns! ♥"
"A problem. I'm not foolish enough to deny his power. So many people desire his head on a plate, and until he's dealt with every other job is going to be a dead end. I'll need to figure out a way to disable him..."
Etoile Celestella
"Rich, naive, and too full of herself for her own good. Just the way I like them! So easy to bleed dry. Yes, I'll keep her around for a while longer..."


If people don't believe in you does that weaken or strrengthen your urge to continue doing what you do?  Or are you indifferent to what others think of your choices?

Being underestimated is such a joy! I adore proving others wrong and seeing the horror in their eyes when they realize their error... there's no better feeling in the world!

How do you feel about having competition? Does having a rival in any given situation fire you up or burn you out?

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shikyoriipaa  //  Avoid: .o. Ochotnik. She seems like she'd kill me easily with the poison ;; 

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Princess-TF-ofAzurel  //  Floaty scarf assassin

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A sinister, flirtatious magician who's having an unironically great time hanging out on a prison planet!

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Q118. Are any of your OCs involved in the military in any way, or any sort of in-universe equivalent of one?

Ochotnik, like other Monster Mages, was employed by a Monster King before she wound up on Celestella, but she was really more of an assassin than something more honorable or even just organized. Not that Monsters are known for their honor... I mean, their war is pretty much just a bunch of rich assholes giving loads of money to other assholes to kill their opposing rich assholes, so their militaries aren't quite militaries... but still worth noting!

Note: This was written back when Akumamori were called "Monsters."

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Q121. Which OCs would play video games for fun and which ones would play to win?

For the most part, I think all of my OCs would just play video games for fun, even the ones who are in to competitive scenes! Barazia, Etoile, Euanthe, Hellscream, Loligo, Ochotnik, Seraye, and Yenzhal are probably the ones most likely to play just for the sake of VICTORY and competition.

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voted most likely to flirt with you while you're dying in a pool of your own blood

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