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Adult - Female (She/Him) - Fruit bat mix - Demirom, Polyam, asexual - December 28th

"Do you want some cocoa?"


Vivie is hyperactive and cheerful around those she knows. She likes laughing and having a good time with those she considers family, though she's surprising quiet around those she doesn't know well. She likes looking at the good things in life, and likes trying to find the good in a bad situation if she can. It helps her to think about how the worst case scenario will almost never happen, and she finds that calming in stressful situations. Vivie enjoys making others smile, and has been called a joybringer by a few of her friends. She has a bad habit of clinging to others and relies on them to keep her spirits up. She'll often do things on an impulse when she's bored, and often regrets it afterward. She honestly doesn't think very highly about herself and has a low self esteem that she's working on improving.


Vivie is short, androgynous, and pudgy with a height of 2ft. She's completely flat chested!

2ft is her canon, in world height. If she's being drawn as just some furry, then her non canon height is 5ft!


  • Hot cocoa
  • Sweets
  • Flying
  • Swimming
  • Cartoons


  • Thunderstorms
  • Being spoken to when she first wakes up
  • Wing injuries
  • Venomous & poisonous things
  • Strawberries


S/O: Kai and Sparky
Parents: Both unnamed
Friends: Quincy, Talon, and Mango
Enemies: N/A


  • She's pretty much just me but furry. Things on Storm most likely apply to her as well
  • Her winter coats starts November and ends late January
  • Diagnose with ADHD and OCD
  • Her favorite warm drink is hot cocoa with some cool whip
  • She only drinks coffee if it has a lot of creamer and some sugar
  • She's normally seen flying in the air, and prefers flying over walking
  • When she's focused on something she tends to drown out everything else
  • She collects things like stones or gems. She likes to give them to close friends sometimes
  • She was born without a sense of smell
  • Her eyesight is terrible when it comes to far away things, so she relies on her hearing when she can
  • She prefers to rely on her hearing instead of wearing her glasses


Never draw with wing arms. She has wings AND arms.
Can be draw more feral like but keep the wing and arms
Flat chested
Birthmark on right cheek (Our left)
Her eyes change to a more brown color during fall and stay like that during winter
You can draw her normally or winter coat. Whichever you prefer!
Both digigrade and plantigrade is fine!

She's very expressive! Draw her with any emotion you want too! From happy to crying her eyes out!

Draw her in a french girl pose and there's text saying "Draw me like one of your french bats"
Can I haz fruit?
Her riding Talon and she has a wooden sword in her hand and she's saying "Onward noble steed!"
Her and Talon riding on top of Quincy and Vee and Talon are resting. But Vee is sitting on Quin's head while he carries them.

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