Sherry (Sherry 2.0)



Old design which should not be drawn.

Name [Sherry]
Species [Sika deer]
Age [22]
Height [5' 4", 162 cm]
Gender [Female]
Pronouns [She/Her]
Orientation [Bisexual]
Relationship Status [Single]
Occupation [Waitress]

Date created [Nov. 16th, 2018]
Designer [Skippiwen]
Worth [$40+]







My fursona! She is a sweet doe who loves flowers, cake, and fluffy things. 

She has a part-time job as a waitress at a local breakfast place. She makes mistakes sometimes and gets really embarrassed about it but, the customers find it cute. 

She is a dandere. Her favorite color is periwinkle, and she loves the smell of rain. 

She gets embarrassed easily and has a hard time saying no. She's a hard worker and is very determined to get a career as a baker but it's not working too well. She wants to make people happy with her cooking/baking.

Sherry often struggles with self-image. She is always trying to look prettier and she never feels beautiful. 

Why the name 'Sherry'? It was a character in a Webtoon called 'Lumine'. I really loved the name, and it's kind of funny because she's a bad-ass were-dog in the comic but I used the name for a weak deer. But I also like to think it's a Jojo reference because, I can never have enough of those.

Design Notes: She can have her hair up in pigtails, braids, buns, etc. Or down. As long as her hair is long, any style is fine.
Her outfit can be anything in her ref sheet clothes.
She must always be wearing a shirt and bottoms.