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✦ Details
Name Angela Kamikaze, "AK"
Gender Female
Age Permanently 25
World Earth, in the year 2365
Species Android
Ethnicity None
Home Earth, Chicago
Occupation Roller Derby Star - Jammer
Sexuality Undefined
✦ Appearance
Height 5'8"
Body Type Built for speed and durability
Hair Style Twin high ponytails
Hair Color Bright pink
Eye Color ???
Skin Color Fair
Clothing Style Runway/Sport
Posture Perfectly straight
Alignment True Neutral
✦ Likes
Pop Rock music
Making her creator happy
✦ Dislikes
Being forced to destroy other androids
Damaging her expensive uniforms
✦ Hobbies
Brushing out her wigs/polishing her suits
Partying in disguise
✦ Traits
She has a photographic memory. She doesn't forget the conversations she's held with others either.
Smiles before and after matches. Never during - she is very serious about the sport. Losing means dying.
✦ Quirks
Lightning quick - will cut circuitry faster than the cybernetic eye can blink.
She has emotions! It's just much easier for her to ignore them than a human could ignore theirs.
✦ Phobias
Seeing her creator get hurt
Getting scrapped
✦ Background

The year is 2365. Roller derby has become the penultimate worldwide sport. Anything that can cause humans harm, their roles have been assumed by humanoid androids. And they call this one "AK."

She was masterfully made as the final invention of a disgraced scientist, but her creation brought fame and praise to their names. She is the be all, end all, of android civilization; the best they have to offer. And to keep herself and her creator in the good graces of the people, she will do just about anything.

Her body has interchangeable parts - the organic skins are exclusively kept out of the sports as they are designed to bruise, cut, and bleed to resemble humans as much as possible. Instead, she uses a carbon steel body to play roller derby, a sport that has become nearly lethal in the new century. This metallic set of parts are consistently being upgraded to be sleeker, slimmer, and deadly.

She is also designed to be perfect in speech and has an otherwise entirely unrecognizable human voice - other androids have a slight metallic tint in their tone. Angela has no such sound. She can effectively hold a disguise, her appearance is basic enough to be masked with another skin tone and a different wig. She is allowed to walk freely around the streets with a disguise.

There is a darker side to the princess of the track, however. She is welcomed in the spotlight, but she wasn't initially designed to be singularly in the ring. In fact, within betting circles, she is consistently in talks to either sabotage her opponents or intentionally lose to opposing teams. She hates that she has no choice - if she is to deny their requests, she will be scrapped and her creator's name would be marred forever. So she does everything in her power to carry out their orders to the fullest, and will not hesitate to scrap other androids... or humans.

In the spotlight, she is without flaw. Her voice is cheery. She is the face of multiple brands, toys for children everywhere, and whatever else her puppeteers deign her to be.

✦ Trivia
● Her organic skin is fully functioning. She can feel temperature and touch and it feels like skin to others.
● Doesn't get to spend a lot of one-on-one time with her creator, so she values their time together. AK is more of a daughter than an android to the scientist, and is reminded of this regularly.
● Nothing is private in this society, and a person of her stature is consistently being monitored. She is careful about the actions she takes.
● Androids and humans are kept separate, but she is "not like the others" and is allowed in humans-only spaces. Her fame grants her access to places androids are excluded from.
● If she isn't explicitly told to harm others, she doesn't hesitate to help them.
✦ Relationships
Creator Like the best parent ever. She looks up to her creator and frequently goes back for upgrades and repairs. No harm can come to the scientist, lest they face the consequences.
Caligula The cutest Blocker to ever exist, according to Caligula. Part of the Pack, and valued member of the Derby Dames.
Opia Curator of betting pools. She is revered among the grimiest of the grimy. AK doesn't like her very much.

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