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NameAlfonso Hugo
Age 47
Build Toned, but slightly out of shape
Ethnicity Mexican

The man is particularly stern and commanding, due to his years within the army. He has a habit of really getting into work and it's hard to pull him away from any task he sets himself to. Due to his leg injury that had forced him into retirement, he is particularly prickly about being helped as he hates feeling like an inconvenience in any way.

Hugo enjoys being left alone. Especially after years of not being in contact with other human beings, he has gotten quite used to the solitude. However, because of these years of solitude, he has quite the number of strange mannerisms - namely, talking to inanimate objects.


Que será, será.

Hugo hails from one of the few families who could claim to be original inhabitants of Earth and have proof. 

He had a relatively normal childhood within an upper middle class family that decided to remain on the Earth as the burgeoning space program found other planets to colonize.  He was an only child, growing up within a lakeside house surrounded by a small meadow. Even as the weather began to turn, the summers getting hotter and the winters getting colder, the small house managed to maintain its state. 

Once he turned 18, he was automatically enrolled within the army. Rather than fighting wars over seas, he was shipped off into space. He tried to worm his way out of it with help from his family, but it was for naught. 

While Hugo climbed the ranks relatively quickly, he was nowhere near a fan of the army. He found the idea of fighting for territory within space pointless. His heart remained within his small lakeside home. Every day he would dream of returning to the grassy green meadows swaying softly with the gentle breeze as the teal of the lake glittered under the sun. One of the belongings he brought with him was a small polaroid of the house that his mother had taken before he had been shipped off.

Meanwhile, his mother and father began to notice the rapidly declining state of Earth. While the symptoms initially were small, it was hard to ignore the clear signs of the poor state Earth began to develop. As Springs passed, less and less plants began to bloom. Summers would be filled with more dust storms caused by excess topsoil and trees would stop growing leaves following winter. Evacuations were starting to be announced as the planet became more and more uninhabitable. At first it was families volunteering to leave until the dire state of the planet began forcing more people to migrate to other planets. Hugo's parents were one of the last few to leave, insisting that they couldn't leave until their son had come back from duty...

Hugo would never get a chance to see his childhood home one last time. His parents were forced to evacuate, and he would be forced into medical retirement years after due to a battle injury to his leg. For a small time he was lost, while his parents were alive - he had lost his home and job. He joined a small group  of scientists who were dedicated to terraforming and hopefully, restoring, the original glory of Earth's nature. However the project failed, and the group slowly moved on to other endeavors and moving to different stations scattered throughout space.

Hugo, desperate and unwilling to lose something so important to him, continued on with the research alone.


  • has a limp/lance doubles as a walking cane
  • refers to himself as Hugo - people mistakenly thought his last name was his first so he just went along with it 
  • His limp is caused by the fact his leg was entirely reattached after having been blown off by a mine. Thankfully medical technology had advanced to the point that the only evidence of this is a long scar going diagonally up and around his calf.
  • The rest of his  body is also marked by bullet wound scars. He's more self conscious of those than his 'dad bod' that developed after he stopped exercising on the daily.


  • People overall. He finds humanity overall responsible for the state of Earth as well as the failure of the terraforming project.
  • Disobedience - partly out of habit as his previous role as a Major within the army. While not entirely egregious to him, he feels mildly agitated when he's not listened to.