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Roleplay Information

CONTACT ME: PM me here. I have discord but talk to me first.

( Check the code credit at the bottom for the original version of this, please! It's good stuff! )


Participants: 1x1

Post Preferences: Paragraph or two, concise writing without artificial padding. Decent descriptions of things. Longer posts here or there are fun. Short posts during conversation (feels natural).

Sometimes writing is HARD, I am often happy to just casually chat about OCs and things happening w/o writing formally. (I prefer to write out porn though.)


Genre: Fantasy, Sci-fi, Slice-of-life

Shipping: YES PLEASE! I like slow burn, quick romance, starting mid-relationship, quick hook-ups, whatever, I love all of it. I rp mostly for the relationship stuff so HIT ME WITH IT, but we've gotta talk OC chemistry and boundaries a little first.

I write almost exclusively mxm. Most of my OCs are men (cis or trans) and most of them like men so... :)


  • I'm all about those RECOVERY STORIES!! I make a lot of sad, lonely guys and I love rping stories about them getting better/finding hope/finding purpose, etc.
  • Simple stuff like TWO GUYS MEET AND SOON SMOOCH is fine with me, lol
  • Adventure or quest type stuff is good but I gotta stress that I'm here for the romance so gimme that also.
  • I'm not opposed to straight up porn. >;3c

Location/App: Discord


  •   Near my age range, please (I'm in my 30s), 25+ is ideal  
  • Semi-Active at least, or just check in sometimes
  • I don't need rapid-fire responses but I like once a week is rad, or a check-in. Send a funny meme, whatever. Swap to chatting about rp-happenings if writing it out is hard.
  • Please tell me about your OCs, I love to hear about them
  • I'm down to do short scenes and short rps, because I often switch what OC I'm fixated on, or return to old stuff sometimes
  • AU-friendly!


Participants: Small, closed group

Post Preferences: Four or so paragraphs. (This makes me anxious over the long term and I can't match consistently. Please go easy on me.)


Genre: Post-apoc (I only do this occasionally), School-settings (you gotta really sell it),

Shipping: I'm not super keen on, like, jealousy stuff and love triangles but they can be interesting if applied right.

Plots: Idk man, run it by me if it's not on the 'No' list! Maybe... gen/no-romance? You gotta sell it to me. Not super into very political stuff (it makes me feel tired).

Location/App: Toyhouse? (Never done it before but willing to try), Google Docs (did this once and wasn't a huge fan but didn't hate it), the specific forums Elliquiy or Bluemoon, e-mail


  • Not sure if I'll be up for it? Get in touch!


These go here because I don't do them often.

  • Star Wars
  • The Elder Scrolls
  • Fallout
  • Mass Effect
  • Dragon Age
  • Guild Wars (hard maybe)

Participants: Open rp, large groups

Post Preferences: NO LONG, LONG NOVELS. Putting eight actions in one post so I have to respond to them like a list. Alternatively, literally posting just a few words. Don't do that either. Don't let autocorrect turn your post into gibberish.

Genre: Mystery, Horror, (Pointless) Angst, Anything with zombies

Shipping: No forcing my OCs to be "exclusive" with yours (in the sense that I can't rp/draw them with anyone else's EVER AGAIN). No underage ships. No incest. No noncon.

Don't call it 'yaoi' or use shit like seme, uke, or seke.


  • Does it sound like an crappy, over-complicated anime plot? If yes, I'm not interested.
  • Miss me with """random twists"""
  • No soap opera-style drama
  • No gratuitous, constant, meaningless violence
  • Don't start a who-is-more-angsty pissing contest

Location/App: Obscure personal forums, apps other than discord, most forums in general, PMs on random sites


  •    NO ONE UNDER 21!!

  • Do not bug me to post. On discord, do NOT @ me in our own conversation if you think I didn't respond fast enough.
  • DO NOT show me art you took from a random artist to describe your OC. My OCs have been "stolen" like that before and I'm not here for it.



  • I used to rp a ton but mostly with one person (for seven years), so I'm rusty and anxious a lot. I have a lot of fears about talking openly that I'm working on! Just a legacy of writing with a partner that turned out real shitty. Go easy on me!
  • I'm autistic and have ADHD, my focus is sometimes........ super gone. This means I can't always write, but it also means I'm super understanding when you're not feeling up to it either!
  • Look my brain just sucks ok, because in addition to those other two things, I've got depression and anxiety! It fucks me up sometimes! I might drop a rp or go dark for a while without meaning to or wanting to.
  • If I don't hear from you for a month or two, I will probably drop the rp/leave the server/clean up my friend's list/etc. I'm cool if you treat me the same! If you are wanting to just ghost me on purpose, please like... block me or take me off your friend's list so I don't need to panic about it for a week. I won't be mad!
  • My attention shifts a lot and my hyperfixation on an OC could disappear in an instant, so I'm friendly toward switching gears!

by VairaSmythe