Asher's Comments

Reminds me-

I haven’t even thought of Dawn's colors yet :<


What's her major power?


(Opposite to ice, which I think Ike is-)

Then, honestly the normal red suffices, but add in some yellow/orange Like how on Asher's design I replaced the red with gray AND added...back red actually. It was going to be blue but I changed my mind at the last minute. But make Dawn's design more fiery where I made Asher's more shadowy.

Btw can you help me use the template you used for Asher with Dawn?

I figured it’d be a test to see how it looks with Dawn-

I commented a very work in progress version of the template filled out for Dawn, on Dawn's page.

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mmm shes looking nice so far

wonder who shes gonna be shipped with


You say that as if you know exactly who shes gonna be shipped with-

well idk,, all my latios ocs are basically taken lol,,


well i might as well fully join the lati cult and make one myself then

omg yes -

Can't get enough of the Eon Pokemon, huh? X3

Nope, guess not lol-

I'm not complaining. I LOVE the Eon dragons! ^w^