Susie Kepler



4 months, 4 days ago


♡Tumblr as a teen in 2019

♡Age: 20

♡Height: 5'4

♡Nickname(s): n/a

♡Occupation: Astronomer/ Researcher of Extraterrestrial Lifeforms

♡Gender: Female

♡Pronouns: She/Her

♡Personality: Bubbly, a bit flirty

♡Sexuality: Heterosexual, with a preference for eMERALD

♡Likes: Aliens, especially Emerald, anime, video games, plants, general interests of Tumblr girls lmao

♡Dislikes: People telling her she's silly for believing in aliens. Her life goal is to prove them wrong. And people who think she does astrology. She hates when people mix up astronomy and astrology. They look the same in writing but they are not the same.

♡Strengths: Identifying any star and planet in the sky, math, science subjects

♡Weaknesses: Keeping her attention on one thing for a long time, aside from animes she likes or astronomy.

♡Random Design Notes: ☆n/a just use the ref lmao

♡Random General Notes: ☆If you didn't notice, she has a thing for Emerald. One day, she just went into town and noticed a weird, cute dude with green hair and was interested. After approaching him, she found out he's totally an alien, and she lost it. Both fascinated and infatuated, she went all-out to befriend him. ☆Her house is covered in a thick layer of succulents, sparkly crystals and stuff, and coffee cups. Most of her work is done out of it and her friends are there almost as much as her, so it's pretty messy, but also cute!! She likes decorating it in cute things she finds or makes. Big Tumblr Aesthetic.