Vanalyn Vaareveria



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Basic Info


The Endless Dreamer




she smol


Sloth demon




Cis female


Aromantic asexual, probably prefers women in the odd case that she does feel attraction

Character class(es)



Doing nothing, having others do things for her, exerting power over others, being revered and worshipped as a god, playing old Harvest Moon games, listening to the screams of mortals who wrong her, chocolate pudding


Doing literally anything for anyone that doesn't immediately benefit her, being disturbed when she's busy, being forced to use any of her power that she's been carefully and ceaselessly pooling for eons, being treated like a child

Favorite color =)


How many bears could they take in a fistfight

Why would you fight something that weak, when you can use it as a living battery? That's dumb. Stop it.


Appearance & Personality


Vanalyn is a small, young-looking woman; she a member of a long-dead species of humanoids with sheeplike characteristics, her ears, horns, and luxuriously soft hair (many have died in a futile attempt to make a sweater out of her) being the most obvious characteristics. As her species fell to demonic corruption as a result of her own meddling with the balance of power in her society, however, she found herself with an elongated pointed tail and a pair of vestigial wings; perhaps not the most obvious corruption to happen to a member of her species, but obvious signs of her demonic alignment nonetheless. She dresses quite casually, as it's way too much effort to dress extravagantly. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Despite her tiny frame and quiet demeanor, her presence is greatly enhanced by the sheer intensity of her demonic aura. She is known to be smug, domineering, and manipulative, giving little to no regard for the lives of others; she'll sooner consider them cattle than individuals with lives and ambitions of their own. She's also quite lazy, preferring to make others do the work for her. Despite all this, she's generally civil towards those she considers useful, and outright caring towards the rarer few she considers her companions. She's actually quite bored and childish most of the time, only showing the darker side of her personality when she needs to get something done. Perhaps she's beginning to get a bit soft...

As her soul is bound to the body and soul of another, she is rarely in possession of a physical body. Which is fortunate for Entirety, as she is no longer in control of her true form, a demonic moon-sized sheep-dragon hybrid creature as dark and incomprehensible as the void itself, isn't a huge hit at parties, although in my honest onion that sounds pretty great. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯




Although her name is in the history books of the Nocturnan libraries as one of the seven demon lords who walked the Abriese's surface before the fall of the Old World, Vanalyn is not native to the planet.

Little is known about the intricacies her homeworld, as it was destroyed and forgotten long ago; the little remaining information is that of the world's demise.

It was an aristocratic society that ruled over the rest of the planets within its system. Every denizen of this planet belonged, in some way, to the nobility, and each noble house's place in society (and as a result, how much of the empire their house controlled) was determined primarily by whoever was closest to the royal family, with House Vaareveria being one of the lowest-ranked.

Tired of her inability to move up in society, and hungering for a bigger stake in the affairs of the empire, the heiress of the house began to delve into the occult for ways to artificially elevate her house's standing. Through means unknown to the highborn nobles, she summoned a great and powerful demon, a lord of Sloth, who promised her great power under the condition that should she ever exhaust her supply of demonic energies, her soul would be forfeit -- however, any action she took would use a portion of this power, whether it was writing a letter or obliterating a castle, or anything in between. She graciously accepted, knowing full well that the odds were stacked against her, as planning and executing a revolution was obviously a lot of work.

Luckily, she wasn't the one who had to do any of it.

Vanalyn presented herself as a prophet and an agent of change. Merely offering the power to overthrow the status quo to her fellow lowborn, most of whom were also fed up with the elitist nature of her world, was enough to gain her a large following. Some of her agents would work as hard as they could to sabotage the workings of society, while others submitted themselves to inaction, becoming living batteries for Vanalyn's power. Before long, she was a powerful sloth demon in her own right, and not only took the power she desired -- she did it barely lifting a finger on her own. Soon, the entire planet (save for Vanalyn's closest friends, followers, and advisors, of course) was lost in an endless dream, the elitist nobility was trapped forever in nightmare, and house Vaareveria had taken control of the government. She had what she wanted, and her demonic benefactor had an immense farm of mortal souls from which to draw energy.

But it was only the beginning.

She began to extend her reach to the other planets within her system. They, too, fell swiftly. She expanded her network of sleeping souls to neighboring stars. They, too, were lost to the dream. She took her time to travel Entirety, knowing that nothing could possibly exhaust her great pool of power. She scouted out systems ripe for the harvest once her own was fully under her control, and demonstrated her power to others, even earning formal recognition from one of the most infamous demonic education institutions in Entirety (as surprised as she was to learn such things existed in the first place; but it was good publicity for her budding interstellar cult). She personally appealed to many lost souls who willingly submitted themselves to her power, gaining a vast network of worlds to conquer later.

If it were not for the passing of an unknown entity, beyond even her benefactor's comprehension, she could have expanded her reach across all of Entirety.

The entity, realizing the threat this network of souls posed, consumed the entire galaxy. It mercilessly hunted Vanalyn across the stars until she, too, found herself cornered by the incomprehensible, oppressive force, and had no choice but to submit. Only several of her closest and most powerful attendants -- including her sister and the benefactor -- escaped.

She was sealed beneath the surface of another planet, her own energy being used alongside that of a group of other dangerous and powerful demons to fuel the entity's experiments in creating a perfect mortal race in its own image to facilitate its own vile games -- a most ironic and insulting punishment for someone like Vanalyn. Although she would try to exert her power and rebuild her empire, starting with the very planet she called her prison, she found herself in constant competition with several demons who intended to do the same. Of course, the entity and its cohorts would wipe the planet clean should she or any of her fellow prisoners become a threat, so their efforts were always in vain. The constant wiping of societies and improvement of the strain of humans inhabiting it made it more and more difficult to exert her demonic influence upon them in her fettered state. She nearly reached her limit, sustained only by her few remaining followers across Entirety... until the day the cycle ended.

Until the day that she met her new host.

Until the day that she was the most trapped she had ever been -- but freer than she was before.

She finally had her chance to continue her work.


Powers & Abilities


After seeing how stingy she is with her power, many demonic scholars have wondered why she's classified as a sloth demon rather than a greed demon. Although she hoards her power and prefers not to waste it in order to get ahead, it is gained through the power of inaction -- either by her own laziness, or by "convincing" others to pool power for her.

Although she has a reputation for being a cruel conqueror, her typical use of power is to trap mortals in an endless sleep. Her victims dream for eternity, while their bodies and souls become her cattle. She can absorb this energy from any of her victims or followers in Entirety and redistribute it to her allies, making her a potent healer and buffer should she decide it's worth it to put in the effort. However, the rate at which she can absorb this energy is affected by her proximity to her followers, making her more powerful in areas densely populated by those under her spell.

Her true power, however, is found in her massive true form; the aforementioned colossal dragon-sheep monstrosity, a form granted to her by the demon she initially made her contract with as a mortal, is spread out throughout the universe, bound in pieces to the souls of her many, many followers and sustained by the energy she has absorbed and generated over her lifetime. When she calls upon this form, she manifests its limbs and head in order to unleash formidable attacks. In a dire circumstance, she can manifest her entire form to deal a devastating, planet-destroying blow, but has rarely ever done so, as it comes at a great cost to her pooled power, perhaps even placing her in danger of expending it all, not that her demonic benefactor would actually collect on his end of their bargain at this point -- he's gone a bit soft, after all -- but it does place her in danger of outright erasing herself (and anyone bound to her!!) from Entirety...

As she is bound to Ansaiele's soul, she cannot directly use any of her powers or abilities unless Ansaiele calls upon them or summons her into the physical world to act autonomously... or unless she manages to assert her dominance and take control.