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General Information

First name: Vlausel { Vlaw-zel }
Surname: Toro
Nickname: Zel, burro, dumb
Age: 27
Date of birth: 28th March
Race: Fiendish (hot-blooded)
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pansexual
Current residence: La Puente // He does not have a home, he will stay in motels, take to the streets, or sleep at friends houses- or a random person's house if they're kind enough.

Traits of Voice

Accent: American, slightly Spanish with certain words or when he's more excited/angry
Spoken language: English
Other known languages: Spanish
Style of speaking: Informal
Voice volume: Varying, usually a higher than average
Voice claim: Similar to K'noup from Viza βˆ†

Physical Appearance

Height: 6'7
Weight: 98kg | 216lb
Eye colour: Red
Skin colour: Warm grey
Face shape: Diamond
Distinguishing features: One tooth that sticks out, arrowhead tail, four horns on his forehead
Body shape: Trapezoid
Hair colour: Dyed red
Hairstyle: Shaved sides
Posture: Unceremonious
Tattoos: None
Piercings: Tongue piercing, lobe piercings
Typical clothing: Black jeans with a leather belt, along with red sneakers


Likes: Working out, bragging, insulting people he doesn't like, fighting, talking with friends, warmth, freezing weather
Dislikes: Not getting paid for a job, being insulted
Education: Elementary school
Fears: Entomophobia (especially flying ones)
Personal goals: Become very built, get a stable income, find an apartment to permanently live in
General attitude: Reckless


Allergies: None
Sleeping habits: Average, if not slightly below. During sleep will sometimes mumble
Energy level: Above average
Eating habits: Mostly healthy, a lot of calories
Memory: A little forgetful
Any unhealthy habits: Over-exercising


Occupation: Floater Β 
Favourite types of food: Very burnt foods, kebabs, spicy food, chunks of meat that he can bite into
Favourite types of drink: Protein shakes, literally hot sauce
Hobbies/past times: Working out, punching things, doing odd jobs
Guilty pleasures: Not working out and just sitting around all day
Pet peeves: Not having enough money to do laundry, people who don't know what they're doing at the gym
Pets: None
Talents: He is very strong, can also eat the spiciest foods in the world without breaking a sweat
Favourite colours: Red
Favourite type of music: Rock, rap
Favourite band: Breaking Benjamin, Hacktivist