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exclusive interview with vlausel!


Hello, wha-

"Fuckin' what up dude? You all good? You wanna interview me or something? I'm cool with that. I can talk about anything pretty much, I'm like an open page- or however... that one saying goes; y'know?"

Yeah... Uh, anyway-

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

"Okay well- I'm Vlausel, I'm a fiend n I grew up here on earth. I actually spent most of my childhood in Mexico which was cool, wasn't the best time of my life honestly but it was cool. I fuckin' love spicy food man, like- for real. Spicy food is super fuckin' good. Anyway, though, my parents dumped me in Mexico n' I grew up like a lil' fuckin' urchin, I got a lot of street smarts from that though, I'm really smart, y'know?"

Oh- yes. Can you tell us more?

"Uh, well later on some lady brought me into this shitty little home where there were a bunch of children n shit, she paid for an education for all of us, I ended up leaving that school and just gettin' back out on the streets y'know... Schooling isn't for all of us I guess. Plus the other kids were fucking stupid, so what if I have a fuckin' tail n' horns, you know? Snotty fuckin' apes."

Were you bullied?

"I guess. They'd pull my tail n' and call me scum and shit. They'd piss me off, y'know? Then I'd get in fucking trouble for 'losing my temper,' or whatever the bitch who ran the place wanted to say. She deserved what she got, I fuckin' decked her the day I left that place."

Do you... Want me to change the subject?

"It's fine dude. Anyway- I'm doing better nowadays, like fuckin' look at me dude, I'm ripped as fuck, n' still buildin' on. I'm happy yeah? I got a lotta free-will n work whenever I wanna, I earn enough money to live, can go wherever I wanna, and I have some really good friends. I'm happy."

Quick Facts

  • Full Name: Vlausel Toro
  • Age: 27
  • DOB: 28th of March
  • Race: Fiend
  • Sexuality: Bisexual

Did You Know?

  • His last name means 'Bull.' 
  • Some of Vlausels nicknames are 'burro' and 'dumb.'
  • He loves working out and does so every day.
  • Vlausel's favourite drinks are protein shakes.

Hey, I'm Vlausel, I fuckin' love workin out n' shit. 


Q: How do you wanna do this? You seem like a chill guy.

Vlausel: No bragging haha but I guess I am. I mean let's just play it cool, there anything you actually curious about? None of this formal interview shit?

Q: Uh, well here's a question from an anonymous source;
"do u know that fish boi?"

Vlausel: That one fish guy? I probably know who you're talking about- he's pretty chill, I mean I kinda broke into his house once and he still let me sleep there. I've fucked him a few times too-

Q: Enough about that, somebody wants to know exactly how
gay you are? From a scale of 1 to 10?

Vlausel: I don't really care who I'm with man, I kinda like livin' y'know? I like tits and pussy but I kinda like dick too, so I guess it's fifty-fifty kinda thing.
*It's more like twenty/eighty.

Q: Have you had any bad experiences couch surfing?
Have you, like- ever had to crash out in the open? 

Vlausel: Of fuckin' course dude, it's what comes with bein' a drifter. I stayed at this one dude's house when I was twenty-two, he had this chill as fuck gym in his garage, he let me use it as much as I wanted to, but then as soon as it came time for sleep and shit, he full on went "oh you have to pay me now," and wanted like a fifty buck note? I said nah man and he fuckin' booted me out, so yeah that night I crashed out on the street, wasn't too bad though, I'm honestly kinda used to sleeping on concrete.

Opinions on...

"Weird dude, he talks a lot and is really smart? He's cool though, we hit it off at one point but now we're just chill."
"I only got to know her through Rave, she's pretty chill, she likes my taste in music which is cool I guess."

Most Listened Songs

        Shallow Bay                Breaking Benjamin

  •   Hook, Line & Sinker              Royal Blood
  •   Clown Prince                      Hilltop Hoods
  •   Jealou$y                  The Neighbourhood
  •   Outlaw                                Heath Hussar
  •   No Culture                        Mother Mother