Katrina Ayodele



1 year, 2 months ago


Name:  Katrina Ayodele

Nicknames:  Kat, Feb

Month: February

Age: 32

Height: 170cms

Ethnicity/Nationality:  Nigerian, lives in England

Gender:  Female, she/her

Sexuality:  Bisexual

Occupation:  Veterinarian


She's always setting her friends up on dates. She loves love. She's like the matchmaker and will find you the perfect person.
Unfortunately she herself has been unlucky in love. She's looking for someone at the moment. Good things will come to those who wait, right? Or whatever. She spreads love wherever she goes because she loves love and will give love to everyone! Everything deserves love. People, animals, everything! She's a vet and she loves to take care of all the lovely animals that come her way. She's the type of person who'd look at cute fluffy animals to make herself feel better. I mean, who wouldn't?

Katrina feeds all the local cats who roam around her apartment block. Wherever she goes, she brings animal treats in her handbag to feed all the animals she sees.
Katrina is a very compassionate, outgoing and kind individual, diligent in her work and very conscientious. She often acts like your favourite big sister especially in the Calendar GC. She loves this GC! She gets to meet all sorts of new people and she likes this a lot.

Kat likes to change her hair a lot and always surprises her clients with her different hair. For now she's been sticking with burgundy.

She speaks in a London accent and the other Not English people in their GC love this. She will happily recite random poetry to them. 

Yes, she writes poetry. Love poetry. What else would she write?
She's one of the more mature people in their GC but as I say that, that's really not that much of an achievement.

Oh, but she's not lying about the "being in love" part. It'd be nice to fall in love. She's a real hopeless romantic!

- She swears she's seen Thomas before, in real life. Has no idea from where.