Maya Megana Martinez



1 year, 5 months ago


Name: Maya Megana Martinez

Nicknames:  Meg

Month: May

Age: 24

Height: 167cms

Ethnicity/Nationality: Mexican, lives in America

Gender:  Female, she/her

Sexuality: Straight

Occupation:  Primary School Teacher (elementary school ?)


Maya is an elementary school teacher to her local school. She loves to garden and grow flowers and vegetables! She loves all animals, including insects. You must absolutely be nice to bugs in her vicinity. She will cry if you squash a spider. Animals are friends. She's much like Katrina in that aspect, but there are some differences.

She's a vegan, but not one of  those vegans. you know the ones.
She likes the bohemian style and likes incense and essential oils. She collects gem stones and charges things with energy, or something like that. She's put all sorts of gem stones around her classroom as decorations. Sometimes she receives complaints from parents but she doesn't care. She believes in being natural as much as she can but she acknowledges that others do not live that way and she doesn't judge.
She is very patient, which I suppose she has to be to be a teacher. Patient and kind and she's very observant. She notices the little things and she treats all little kids with the utmost respect. She's always happy to help any lost parents too!
She may not be a parent herself, but she may as well be. She loves and cares for all the little kids in her class.

Maya is one of the more mature people in her GC but really once you take a look at it, it's not saying much.

She is very much "UwU"