Julie Ryan



1 year, 5 months ago


Name: Julie Ryan

Nicknames: Jules

Month: July

Age: 18

Height: 164cms

Ethnicity/Nationality: Australian

Gender: Female, she/her

Sexuality:  Bisexual

Occupation:  Cafe barista


Julie also loves the beach though maybe not as much as her older brother. She always makes surprise visits to him while he's working (with an iced tea.) She likes coffee and will always get your meticulous orders right, right down to the last vanilla shot. She'll make coffee art out of your lattes and she'll always give you service with a smile.
She's very mainstream and follows the main trends of the time. She's like that one girl who'd hype your selfies underneath your instagram photos. Good one. She, much like her brother, is a serial gossiper but unlike him she can keep secrets. She's very friendly and she's known to make at least one new friend at every event!

She is looking for a date. She really wants that date. Someone please date her. Please and you'll get free coffee. Why do all the ladies flock around Markus? It's not fair, Julie is pretty too! Oh well, her time will come.

She often gatecrashes Markus' parties, not that anyone minds. She's pretty much a desperate romantic, REALLY wants that date! Come on, all her friends have a date why can't she?! Life is unfair at times and here we are.

She, like, talks like this, like, all the time and like, it's just how she talks so like, don't diss her for that! When she like, gets onto the voice channel it becomes very, like, noticeable and she makes, like, an effort to not like, talk like that but you know. These things, like, happen. Okay that's like, an exaggeration but like, that's what it's like.

But she's very clever! She's just finished school and she's working on getting into college! She wants to work with people, that's all she knows but for now her job as a cafe barista will do.