Oscar Parker



1 year, 4 months ago


Name:  Oscar Parker

Nicknames: Parks, Ozzie

Month: August

Age: 26

Height: 177cms

Ethnicity/Nationality:  American

Gender: Male, he/him

Sexuality: Ambiguously bi

Occupation:  Mechanic

Family: Jude and Jason Parker (sons)


Oscar is your obligatory and literal dad friend. He has two sons, Jude (5) and Jason (2) who he sees every second week or so. He and their mother, Lara Tipping, have gone their separate ways but they're still friends... I guess.

Oscar works as a mechanic in a garage. He's always been interested in cars and this is just the right job for him. His shirts are always stained with motor oil and baby things and they always leave dull marks. He lives in an apartment with an overly nosy neighbour who always gives his sons lollipops whenever they come to visit. She means well and Oscar manages to put up with her.
He also likes memes. Keeps on top of them. Teaches his kids about them. What a good dad. 

He is doing his best!! But he sometimes needs a little bit of help, so he has turned to those websites like Mumsnet or something like that and has recently gotten the help of a nice elementary school teacher. They talk regularly and then it turns out that wow! They are in the same discord group! Amazing ! ! !

He's really trying his best.

Oscar is very humourous and makes bad dad jokes. He always looks out for the younger ones in the group. He always jokes around with them all. He only comes online when his sons aren't around because he wants to spend time with them.