Sive Clément



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Name: Sive Clément

Nicknames: Clémentine

Month: December

Age: 22

Height: 156cms

Ethnicity/Nationality: French

Gender: Female, she/her

Sexuality: Lesbian

Occupation: Waitress


She is the epitome of the charming, sweet talking waitress and leaves her number on the receipts for all the pretty ladies she sees. She's a smooth, charismatic talker and always makes people smile and laugh.
Sive has a large online presence and owns a French anime review channel. She also has a vlog channel where she documents her day or whatever. She owns a lot of manga and owns lots of anime figures. She could be what you call a "weeb" but hmm, it's questionable. Questionable weeaboo? Yeah, lets go with that. Sive actually likes clementines and other citrus fruits and her signature online is indeed, a clementine.

Her parents liked Irish names and chose Sive because it was the most normal looking one to them. Unfortunately everyone mispronounces it as "Seeeeve"

Sive is a very outgoing, out-there individual. One of those memorable people. She's absolutely over the top and very dramatic. She joined the Calendar GC and now has a great time. She's become particularly close with Basche and they have the chats. Good times.
Sive's personality can get a little bit overbearing at times and she's aware of this. She doesn't care. She's dramatic, so what? People will just have to put up with it