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Basic Info


Sebastian (Seb for short)




Nine-banded armadillo




  • Sebastian

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  • "No, I am not "playing detective"! I am out on important business."
  • Temper
    Hatred of dirt
    Technical ability


As nine-banded armadillos do, Sebastian was born in The City as a quadruplet with three identical brothers: Montague (Monty), Theodore (Theo), and Percival (Percy). His parents, though successful, were of the clueless, pretentious, absentee variety, and it being The City, it's not as if Sebastian had very many friends either. Thus, he retreated into the unflinching embrace of the early internet and using their money to buy techy things to play with. In short, a well-off, miserable, lonely childhood.

Sebastian ended up doing contract work for a server farm run by a cat named Kyle, and this was how he got introduced to Kyle's niece, the perpetual thorn in his side Penny. Kevin just showed up in the alleyway next to the facility one day, despite aardwolves not being native to The City and Kevin having no background, contacts, or concerns about much aside from tuna. By circumstance more than anything else, Sebastian feels some sort of duty to protect them.


Character traits

Sharp, notices little details like nothing, and extremely technically-minded, Sebastian's the type to have his phone keyboard set to Dvorak because he's that obsessive. He's also got a hell of an imagination when he stops acting like a child acting like a grown-up.
Sebastian is notoriously bad at managing stress, and will snap at people. He's a bean counter through and through and will likely annoy you with his fastidiousness, and if not that, his angry ranting. It's not that he's a bad guy, he's just—an asshole. With issues.
Sebastian already comes from a family of high-stress, low social skills dweebs, but he got it the worst out of his siblings. One can speculate if he merely doesn't like people or if he's afraid of them on some level. He's also got major issues with people touching him. Seriously, don't get too close.
Pathological obsession with cleanliness, plus some avoidance issues. Sebastian hates dirt, which is another reason people aren't usually allowed in his home. (Penny and Kevin being dust bunnies seems almost comedically ironic.)
Tics/Nervous habits
Sebastian, especially when he's nervous, sniffs a lot.


  • Alone: Sebastian works best when he's alone. It's the rare bit of time where he can actually focus on something, and while it doesn't quiet his mind any, it's as good as he gets. There's a reason he hides in his room if he can help it.
  • With people he doesn't know: Struggles a lot. Mostly, he'll try to hide inside himself and avoid talking to anyone, though if he has to, don't expect much of a conversation. If you keep poking at him, he'll most likely get angry and call you names.
  • With people he trusts: Depends—if that's Kevin or Penny, he's not a whole lot different than he is normally. With Catherine, it's a little different; they have their own quiet, peaceful thing going on, and Sebastian's a lot more likely to sprawl out and doze off when he's over at her house.


  • At ease: Sebastian cannot handle stress whatsoever, though when Catherine gives him a way out of the chaos back home, he starts being able to let go a little easier, laughing off what he can and just trying to avoid the rest.
  • Under pressure: Expect screaming, swearing, and if you push him far enough, a nervous breakdown.

Arc and Development

  • Darkpenny (character introduction): Sebastian is contacted by Kyle to find Penny, who stopped showing up for work a few days prior. Sebastian assumes the personality of a pretentious noir detective, though he's later mistaken for a real cop and almost murdered. At the hospital, he's tipped off about Penny by a mutual acquaintance, a homeless drifter raccoon named Colton, and Penny's saved, though not without some guilt and a gun pulled on his informant. Kevin, Sebastian, and Penny decide to leave The City after the harsh winter for greener pastures.
  • Told Me So: The trio take the train out to a coastal town, Apricot Bay. It's warm, natural, inviting—and after a strange encounter with the town's apricot tree, Sebastian's not quite as sure he belongs here.
  • Character short: Late at night, buried in work and wide awake in the cold air of his bedroom, Sebastian reflects on how his friends are adapting better than he is and his bizarre run-in with tree. Ultimately, he shuts it out of his mind and returns to his work.
  • Sebastian vs. the Guardian: The Guardian haunts Sebastian in a dream, warning him to rethink his interactions with the townspeople (and especially Colton) if he doesn't want to find his stress dreams turned into nightmares. After some guilting, Sebastian complies, scrambling to the beach to apologize to Colton.
  • Classifieds: Kevin and Sebastian head to the edge of the Valley Cascadia to buy a used computer from Gonzo, who's a little nutty, to put it politely. Sebastian is surprised to learn of what lurks inside the machine, and it makes the trip (and being sprayed with vinegar) worth it, ultimately.
  • The Observer: Hiding away from New Year's festivities, Sebastian meets Catherine for the first time, a fellow armadillo whose presence soothes him. He can't explain why, but he's not exactly complaining.