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Basic Info


Sebastian (Seb for short)




Nine-banded armadillo




  • Sebastian

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  • "No, I am not "playing detective"! I am out on important business."
  • Tech prowess
    Stress tolerance


As nine-banded armadillos do, Sebastian was born in The City as a quadruplet with three identical brothers: Montague (Monty), Theodore (Theo), and Percival (Percy). His parents, though successful, were of the clueless, pretentious, absentee variety, and it being The City, it's not as if Sebastian had very many friends either. Thus, he retreated into the unflinching embrace of the early internet and using their money to buy techy things to play with. In short, a well-off, miserable, lonely childhood.

Sebastian ended up doing contract work for a server farm run by a cat named Kyle, and this was how he got introduced to Kyle's niece, the perpetual thorn in his side Penny. Kevin just showed up in the alleyway next to the facility one day, despite aardwolves not being native to The City and Kevin having no background, contacts, or concerns about much aside from tuna. Sebastian would end up taking both of them in after Penny's episode, and despite his own lack of desire to be there, moved to Apricot Bay with them for their safety and comfort.

By the start of the story, Sebastian, Kevin, and Penny live in a townhouse at the edge of town, a hill away from Apricot Bay's scenic beaches and sea stacks—not that he has any interest in that. Fish go to the bathroom in that water, don't you know?


Appearance/grooming habits
Sebastian is neat and tidy, both in his own appearance and his workspace—to a fault. He showers often twice a day, disinfects regularly, and he'd probably rather die than wear the same clothes two days in a row. This is also why he's incredibly fluffy for an armadillo. Despite all the washing, he's not exactly into fashion, so whatever's comfortable (and on the warmer side through much of the year, given that armadillos have kinda terrible internal heat regulation) works.
Voice/speech patterns
Slightly nasal, precise in his word choice, and more than a little sweary when he's upset, Sebastian's voice is hard to miss, whether you want to or not. He's also often on the long-winded side (not that Catherine minds).
Tics/nervous habits
You can often tell what's bothering Sebastian just by listening to the noises and clipped phrases he mutters absentmindedly. He's also got a habit of talking to himself, something that's stuck with him since his lonely childhood.


Fastidious and detail-oriented, Sebastian embodies the term "bean counter". He's probably the guy you want running cables for meetings, big parties, and town events (not that those happen too much in Apricot Bay). While it's hard for him to show it even long into the storyline, Sebastian does care about those he feels he has to protect and will put himself through much pain to make things right if need be.
Sebastian is notoriously bad at managing stress, and especially prior to meeting Cat (and to a lesser degree prior to his first encounter with The Guardian of Apricot Bay), he will snap at people, often in public, without a second thought. This earns him something of a reputation around town, and it causes the Guardian to mistake him as The Spirit of The City attempting to infiltrate Apricot Bay. (Or is it truly a mistake?)
Living on the cutting edge of technology as always, Sebastian mostly spends his off time browsing the internet (listen, he paid for a T1 line and he's gonna make use of it, dammit) or, when it gets too noisy, hauling his laptop off to the town cafe or Catherine's house and working there. On a less tech geek-y note, once him and Catherine become more comfortable around her house, he develops a taste for classic, rambling documentaries and indulges in board games, a love he'd had since childhood but never had anyone to play with.
It's rather hard to tell sometimes if Sebastian just doesn't like people or if he's actively afraid of them on some level. He means well, it's just that new situations and people and crowds get him stressed and a bit defensive. While initially, all he's got are Kevin and Penny for company, after he meets Catherine, she gives him a sense of safety he's never quite experienced prior to the move, which goes a long way towards alleviating some of his issues.
Because he's not used to being held accountable for his emotions, when something's got Sebastian feeling strongly, he has a tendency to avoid people, even those close to him, until it dissipates. There's also his aforementioned pathological obsession with cleanliness. Sebastian hates dirt, which is another reason people aren't usually allowed in his home. (Penny and Kevin being dust bunnies seems almost comedically ironic.)