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Penelope (or Penny)








  • Penelope

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  • "And how's my new favorite plant doing today~?"
  • Sassiness
    Climbing ability


Penny never quite grew out of being an absolute tornado, picking fights with other kids and picking on her poor teachers. At a loss for what to do with her life, she moved out to The City to see sights and work as a receptionist under her uncle Kyle. It was how she got introduced to Sebastian, then a technician, whose irate reactions she enjoyed greatly. Meanwhile, she found Kevin wandering through the back alley behind the server farm and the two got on rather excellently immediately.

Penny's life would shift dramatically after she got curious enough to try rare candy, the street name for a stimulant of chemicals and sugar that gives one a dramatic burst of energy when taken like hard candy—at the cost of dependence and potential throat issues. Kyle would send Sebastian (and indirectly, Kevin) to find her, and the incident was enough to spark him to move to Apricot Bay and take Penny and Kevin with him.


Character traits

Tiny, agile, energetic, and a very capable climber. She's also got a green thumb, though she's just as likely to use it for growing killer plants as she is anything to bear fruit. There's some responsibility in there, but she's usually too busy having a laugh to use it.
She is very, very impulsive and likely to get herself in trouble if left unchecked. Immature and impressionable, you can sell her on things she should have no business playing with if you use the right words.
Penny's absolutely fearless, though the thought of rare candy is something of an uncomfortable spot for her. Until the two make peace, she's also rather middling about Colton. Bad memories, it seems.
None natural, but the rare candy did leave her with a bit of a rasp, if that counts.
Tics/Nervous habits
Penny climbs on everything and even those she's close to. Mostly Kevin, but sometimes Sebastian too. Might scratch at things too if she's bothered.


  • Alone: Up to something. Definitely, certainly up to something.
  • With people she doesn't know: She'll most likely try to poke at you to see what kinda reactions you're capable of. Kitty plays with fire until she gets burned, it seems.
  • With people she trusts: She generally avoids going after Kevin and Sebastian at the very least, so if she's not trying to terrorize you, you're either boring or doing something right.


  • At ease: Penny will look for trouble if she's bored enough. It's why her gardening ends up being somewhat important in the grand scheme of things—less opportunity to steal people's stuff and torment them (or more opportunity to torment them, if you're Arthur).
  • Under pressure: Claws out, teeth bared, lunging, most likely, especially if she's cornered. Penny picks fight over flight every single time.

Arc and Development

  • Darkpenny (character introduction): Penny's disappearance is the reason Sebastian and Kevin get in trouble in The City. A homeless kid named Colton helps return her to her friends, but not without getting spooked and trying to selfishly keep her for himself. She only appears in the third chapter, where it's clear the rare candy has weakened her and burnt her throat from the chemical burns. She makes a full recovery after the events of the story.
  • Told Me So: Penny gets into trouble, mostly, stealing the keys of the conductor and tormenting people for funsies.
  • Character short: Penny waters a new plant, one procured for the sole purpose of torturing Arthur, one of the town's mailmen.
  • Sebastian vs. the Guardian: Penny has a minor role towards the start, seeming pensive about Colton's return and a little bothered about how Sebastian handled it.