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  • "And how's my new favorite plant doing today~?"
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    Climbing ability


Her first word was "bitch", and her teachers would demand raises four months into the school year. Gleefully mischievous and perpetually unable to play nice with the other kids, no one can quite explain why Penny is the tornado she is. An only child to two intermittently-fertile parents until the age of 12 (when ten others accidentally joined her, all sharing her fondness for poking and climbing on everything), Penny might've been spoiled, but even that doesn't tell the whole story somehow.

Still, one does not stay a kitty forever, and aimless, Penny shipped off into The City to work as a clerk under her uncle Kyle. It was there that she met Sebastian, an easily-irritated armadillo server technician who proved far too easy fodder for even her, and Kevin, who they found outside one day and seemed well-equipped to handle Penny's immaturity. Things went well until the usually-responsible Penny deserted her post, leading Seb and Kevin on a chase through The City to find her—only to find her accidentally and awkwardly looking after a timid, clingy raccoon boy with his own mother missing in action.

After Seb realized the three weren't long for The City's insane pace, their search for greener pastures lead them to the old, creaky, isolated town of Apricot Bay and the cast of weirdos who inhabit it.


She's tiny, agile, energetic, and incredibly capable of climbing. Amazingly, she also has a nurturing side to her, as evidenced by her plants and her taking care of Colton for the two weeks she took shelter in his old apartment. Not to say she always uses that for good, necessarily; she seems to be rather fond of noxious weeds and plants with spiky maws, especially since they're good for scaring Arthur.
Well, poking people and growing man-eating plants doesn't exactly win you friends, does it? Penny's pretty immature and impressionable, and her and Kevin together are a dangerous pairing if Seb's not around to keep them in check. Thankfully, he knows not to go far.
Penny scares, not Penny is scared. That's a rule. Still, anything to do with Colton is a bit of a sore spot for her, despite his efforts to reconnect. Something about another side of her that she doesn't like to acknowledge.
Hyperactive, immature, difficult to focus. Nothing explicitly wrong with her that we know of, but don't mistake that for the all-clear.
Tics/nervous habits
Penny climbs on things and people no matter what. Normally, it's a sign that she likes you, hence why she's often seen riding on Kevin's head.
Voice/speech patterns
Penny's voice and word choice is pretty easily mistaken for a child (see her calling Seb a "stinky" in "Told Me So").


Up to something. Definitely, certainly up to something.
At ease
Penny will look for trouble if she's bored enough. It's why her gardening ends up being somewhat important in the grand scheme of things—less opportunity to steal people's stuff and torment them (or more opportunity to torment them, if you're Arthur).
Under pressure
Penny goes full feral cat when she feels unsafe, hissing and clawing at the threat, however rare those show up. It's something of a miracle she hasn't reduced Diesel into an even mushier pile of paste.
She generally avoids going after Kevin and Sebastian at the very least, so if she's not trying to terrorize you, you're either boring, a far too easy target, or doing something right.
She'll most likely try to poke at you to see what kinda reactions you're capable of. Kitty plays with fire until she gets burned, it seems.
If you poke Penny, Penny pokes back. While she's more annoying than harmful, she still doesn't have too many qualms about going too far. At worst, being a cat, expect Penny to hiss and try to claw something off you.