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A timeless, spaceless infinibeing—like 26 or so


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  • "It'll be okay, Seb. We'll find Penny, and she'll be okay too."
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    Love of tuna
    Hug quality


Kevin is a curious character because he was born not in The City or in Apricot Bay, but rather in the dense, suffocating noise and instability in the white space of Somnolescent's multiverse. It's not often those conditions can create stable life, but Kevin isn't your normal aardwolf. His huge stature and love for tuna seems unintentional, but I'm sure someone somewhere down the line made it so for a reason.

Thanks to the out-of-bounds nature of bleed zones, Kevin ended up in the Pennyverse by way of The City, where a fateful encounter outside Penny's work caused the two chaotic souls to become the best of friends. It was Sebastian that was a harder sell: the thought of a dirty alleyway aardwolf following him around didn't exactly enthuse him, but that was before he learned of Kevin hugs. Now, with a kitty to watch over and an armadillo to keep from melting down, Kevin makes three in what's known as "the trio" to passersby.


Kevin is basically a beacon of friendliness. He'll talk to pretty much anyone, and he's extremely good at comforting those who are sad, anxious, or hurt with his hugs. (Sebastian comes to rely on them a little before he meets Catherine.) The whole "multiverse being with strange powers who can't physically die" thing counts as a strength too, I guess.
I wouldn't rely on him for heavy thinking. He's probably not the best to leave secrets with either. Penny is also a massively bad influence, and Kevin does occasionally like to poke whoever's around in good fun.
You can get him spooked if harm comes to Sebastian or Penny. That is, if you don't mysteriously go through a window first. He's not great with loud noises either; screamy Seb is usually met with even tighter hugs. (Also, no one can quite explain why, but Diesel, the disgustingly moist axolotl who runs the corner store, practically shakes Kevin to his core every time he has to be in the same room as him.)
None! Kevin's a healthy lad.
Tics/nervous habits
Despite aardwolves not technically being dogs, Kevin basically acts like a dog. Tail goes nuts when he's excited, bleps happen regularly, his ears will tell you everything, and he eats most anything you'll let him.


Kevin doesn't like to be separated from Penny and Sebastian for extended periods of time, so while short term isolation is usually alright, anything longer and Kevin will likely be incredibly nervous. He tries not to show it much, but you can tell anyway.
At ease
Kevin naps, mostly. Eating, sleeping, wandering, and being the bubbliest (and tallest) in the room is Kevin's specialty, essentially.
Under pressure
Perhaps the coolest cucumber on the vine, a sharp contrast to Sebastian's tendency to panic constantly. It pretty much takes physical harm coming to one of the trio to get him to freak out. Otherwise, it's almost like stress doesn't faze him...because it kinda doesn't.
If Kevin really likes you, expect him to follow you around and hug you a lot. Him and Penny are very tactile, hence why she's often seen on his head, giving him bad ideas.
Extremely friendly and not shy in the slightest, Kevin will talk and listen enthusiastically to anyone who gives him the time of day.
To date, no one has gotten Kevin successfully angry or distrustful, but I imagine a calamity event would occur if Kevin genuinely wanted you gone.