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A timeless, spaceless infinibeing—looks about 26


  • Kevin

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  • "It'll be okay, Seb. We'll find Penny, and she'll be okay too."

Kevin's a strange beast. He originated not in Pennyverse itself, but in the harsh, nibbling noise of Somnolescent's Multiverse, and somehow (we're still not sure) ended up in the dumpster outside where Penny and Sebastian, his now-closest compatriots, were working at the time. His strange origin story has left him with a few unique traits; he can't die, he has the ability to warp the world around him and escape into other worlds on a whim, and he's utterly clueless to mortal things.

Not that you'd know from looking at him. Kevin is a happy, dumb dog shaped like an aardwolf. He's happy to spend the days napping, goofing off with Penny (who often rides around on his head), and trying to avoid Diesel, whose corner shop he works at. He's hard to shake; a strong layer of optimism and a varnish of cluelessness on top of that means that, when he needs to push, he pushes, and he'll encourage anyone around him to keep pushing as well, as long as it takes.

Of course, Apricot Bay's more occult-oriented residents know there's something off about Kevin. Catherine can't quite put her finger on why she doesn't trust him, and The Guardian of Apricot Bay can't shake feeling he's a threat, even though she knows he's completely harmless. Perhaps if Kevin were a more self-aware, selfish, or vengeful sort, he could do some serious damage with his powers, but as it stands, the most he thinks to do with them is to go find nachos lying elsewhere in the Multiverse.

Kevin loves giving hugs, and they're perhaps the one way his powers affect the world he lives in, as everyone else seems to love them too. Even Seb, who refuses to let anyone touch him with their filthy unwashed filth, is more than okay with Kevin's hugs.