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  • "No, because then she'll never want to see me and I'll be alone again."
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Colton's story began in the dirty, sooty heart of The City, the only child of a single mother with only a run-down apartment between them. Sammy, they called her. Flaky and shaky as she was, she at least did her best to nurture the raccoon lad with what little she had. Between napping right next to her (especially during the days whenever she worked nights) and blocking out the street noise with whatever public access refuse the ol' rabbit ears could pick up that day (especially the singers and performers), Colton was happily oblivious to the world around him.

No one's quite sure what happened to Sammy, least of whom Colton—at 11, she was there until she wasn't. Nevertheless, Colton stayed put in that apartment, patiently hoping for years she would return someday. Right as hope started to run dry, his path would cross with Penny, at that point M.I.A. after a breakdown and looking for somewhere quick to stay. Although Colton desperately hoped she'd stay, given her surprising kindness and warmth towards him (especially for Penny), it wasn't meant to last. The moment Sebastian and Kevin found her, Colton was left alone to ache again.

With eviction attempts growing stronger every day, Colton took whatever money Sammy left behind and bought a train ticket to Apricot Bay in the hopes of finding Penny again and starting anew.


Colton's a fairly natural musician; upon learning of his interest in music, Riley gave him his old, dusty acoustic from his (attempted) folk singer days, and Colton picked it up, quickly becoming his obsession. Colton ultimately uses his music to try and comfort those down around him towards the end of his arc, to good success. He's also as resourceful as they come, creative at both finding ways around problems and finding new ways to tweak and fight with his guitars.
Colton's not great with strangers, though performing around town helps ease that some. Communication is a struggle before he finds regular company in Riley and Madeleine (and even after, he can be a little airheaded). He's also mostly illiterate, never having been taught how to read.
As can be expected, Colton has abandonment issues. He's had a million and one ideas as to why his mother disappeared, most of them with himself to blame. Penny abandoning him partially due to his own actions doesn't help matters, though her eventual forgiveness helps put his mind more at ease. Much of his arc is spent trying to work his way through many, many self-esteem issues.
Colton's mildly autistic, associating anything and everything with his music and having trouble seeing the world like those around him. (Partly why he gets on so immediately well with Madeleine is because they think alike, very observant and without much regard for how people look at them.)
Tics/nervous habits
Expect a lot of fidgeting and a lot of handwringing if you watch an idle or nervous Colton. He's also got a compulsion for rough textures and surfaces; part of the reason he enjoys Riley's guitar so much is the rough texture of roundwound strings on his fingers.
Voice/speech patterns
It depends a bit on his mood, but generally, Colton's a little funny when he talks. In general, he always sounds a little confused: many pauses, many filler words, clunky wording, and occasionally outright forgetting to finish a thought. These worsen when he's upset. He has a fairly untrained, airy, thin singing voice, but he can carry a tune. Think a teenage Elliott Smith.


Colton's probably at his most comfortable on his own. Left to wander the outskirts of the Valley or play in a stream, you'll usually find him staring off into space, lost in his own thoughts.
At ease
When not out wandering or playing guitar, Colton's usually lying around the Art Gallery or Madeleine's bedroom, being chatty, being a good listener, or napping. All around, Colton's pretty docile and good-natured.
Under pressure
Early on in his arc, Colton's prone to overthinking and being frozen in nerves when put on the spot. As he grows into himself, though, he's a fairly quick thinker, and as said, resourceful, so expect him to spring into action if he feels he has to.
Colton sticks around those he trusts, especially early on. Speech issues notwithstanding, he's fairly comfy in conversation and very observant when those he cares about are down. Colton also has a rather absurdist sense of humor that only he gets, but around those he likes (or Hell, those he dislikes a little later on), it comes out rather often.
Nervy and even flightier around strangers. His speech tends to slur and blur together, he's fidgetier, and even something as simple as eye contact becomes an anxious struggle when he's in new surroundings. As said, this eases up throughout the story, and the boost in self-confidence and performing around town gets him to the point where, even if he's not jumping to talk to new people, he can at least answer the questions Madeleine can't answer for him.
Colton definitely has a bite to him if you get on his bad side, as can be expected for a hormonal, lonely teenage boy, though it takes a good push to get him to bare teeth. Colton's also the type to cry when he's angry, and that never helps. Mostly, though, he'll just stare awkwardly at you.