00. Princess Soul Ultimatum




Princess Soul Ultimatum is a collaborative setting between Isoprene and memeduchess. The characters in this tab were created by and are owned by Isoprene.


On an otherwise ordinary day, a mostly unrelated group of women from Earth find themselves abducted by monsters, spirited away to the fantasy world of Delphys. Delphys is filled with monsters and magic, and upon their arrival the girls become imbued with the ability to take on the form of a monster that resonates with the core of their being. They are informed by their abductor - their Patron Monster - that they were handpicked by Delphys' creator and ruler, Echidna, to be taken to Delphys for unknown reasons.

A potential reason revealed to them is that they each possess The Soul of a Princess, or a Princess Soul. Princess Souls are unusual anomalies throughout Entirety that go by many names, but give the being in question an unnatural charisma. Those with Princess Souls have The Voice of a Princess, able to command others to do their bidding. The Princesses brought to Delphys, however, have remained unaware of their Princess Souls well into adulthood, the environment of Earth not instilling them with the sense of power they ought to have and stifling their abilities. Having created a world of vast freedom and chaos, perhaps it was Echidna's intent to awaken their Princess Souls, but for what purpose...?

The Princesses band together in search of Echidna, advised that in order to gain an audience with her they'll need to prove their worth. They set out to prove they can be just as "monstrous" as the rest of Delphys' population, conquering its many lands and making their voices heard so that they may return home as stronger people.

...However. The issue soon arises that some of the Princesses might not want to go home. Delphys itself is liberating, and the revelation of their Voices gives them confidence many of them never had. Furthermore, Delphys lacks bigotry, corruption, abuse, and oppression. Any conflicts are easily resolved by shows of might, with injury and death being about as serious as they are in a video game. They suddenly have the power they never had to make decisions, be their own person, and create a world they want to live in. Besides, what if time is still flowing on Earth? How would they explain their disappearance? No one is paying their bills or calling in to work. No one is talking to their families. Getting back home isn't a one-night adventure; even a week is a significant amount of time to answer for.

But what if that's exactly what Echidna wants - more bodies for Delphys? What if she has nefarious intent in bringing them all here and seeks to use their Voices for her own purposes? Furthermore, what about those who do want to go home and cannot if the group doesn't work together? And those things aside, is it morally right for them to abandon Earth? Further complicating matters is the fact that it soon becomes apparent that they aren't the only Earthlings on Delphys...

Princess Soul Ultimatum's themes include self-discovery, liberation, coping, and one's relation to the world at large. It's centered around the desires we view as selfish and how the repression of them creates something far worse; how one must embrace their desires and take care of themselves before they can truly help others, needing to balance "humanity" and "monstrousness" without abandoning either.


The Princesses are granted a number of forms thanks to Echidna's blessing:

Human Form: Their original basic human form. Their magic is limited in this form, though their Voices remain fully intact; Voices are attached to the soul, not to Delphys, after all. The air of Delphys makes it difficult to stay in human form, as it metaphysically cannot consider pure humanity to be any being's "default" form.

Princess Form: The most basic form of the Princesses as considered by Delphys itself. It's something akin to a magical girl transformation; each Princess gains matching attire with one another, thematically resembling that of a proper princess. Additionally they gain some traits of their inner monster. For example, Rhiannon gains the horns, tail, and wings of a dragon.

Monster Form: An additional transformation that can be achieved through both greater self-awareness and loss of control. It's an expanded version of one's Princess Form, exchanging the unified theming of Princess Form for more monstrousness. For example, Rhiannon gains clawed limbs and scales across her body.

True Form: The ultimate form of a Princess, or any monster for that matter. In this form a Princess completely sheds their humanity, fully becoming their inner monster. For example, Rhiannon becomes a full-on dragon. In this form their magical abilities are at their highest, though without proper focus and preparation their emotions become difficult to manage, creating a creature driven entirely by instinct.

Mini Form: A strange, temporary form that can be caused by exhaustion in True Form or a botched transformation. Should a Princess attempt to transform into their True Form but not have the proper mindset to do so - unable to let go of enough of their humanity and trust themselves with a monstrous form - they may end up as a cutesified, miniature version of their True Form. In Mini form they lack the difficulty of control that comes with one's True Form, but their powers are greatly diminished, even moreso than in Human Form.

About Drawing: If you choose to draw any of these characters, be sure to check the comments under their reference picture for things that may not be clear due to Kisekae's limitations!
About Content Warnings: The following bios are small, giving a very brief overview of each character's story and personality. Individual content warnings are provided nonetheless, but because of the size of these profiles they don't amount to anything more than mentions and/or implications.

Content Warnings: Homophobia, parental abuse.
Rhiannon Blanchard
BirthdayAugust 29th

A refined, wealthy girl raised with boundless privileges and everything a girl could want. Aside from freedom and individuality, that is. Her parents intended for her to inherit and expand their multi-billion-dollar banking empire, sending her to expensive schools and tightly scheduling her to mold the perfect fit for the job. Unfortunately, Rhiannon wants no part in it, as her studies have taught her more than enough about the cruelty of the industry: truths her parents threaten to disown and blacklist her for bringing up.

All Rhiannon wants is to live a modest and kind life, taking only what she needs and giving back when her persistently-denied depression permits. She'd also like to live that life with her roommate and girlfriend, Aislinn: a relationship she's been forced to keep hidden from her aggressively conservative family. With the end of her schooling swiftly ending, she feels at the end of what little life she's had to live... but on an ordinary day a wyvern suddenly whisked her away to Delphys.

Suddenly in an unusual paradise where problems are so easily solved, where people listen to her, where no one has any expectations from her, where bigotry doesn't exist, and where she's free to explore and be herself, Rhiannon finds herself at a strange crossroads. Should she take on the burden of leadership as always and lead her soon-to-be-lost new friends back to a corrupt world to live a life she detests? Or should she do the thinkable and abandon both Earth and her humanity, living life as she pleases?

  • Flowers
  • Girls
  • Painting
  • Sweaters
  • Meat
  • Pressure
  • Capitalism
  • Cold Weather
  • Asparagus
  • Deadlines
"I want to live. I want to breathe. I want to know who I am."

Content Warnings: Police brutality, parent death.
Isabella Palmer
BirthdayJanuary 30th
ColorSlate Blue

A girl who once lived a happy, normal life with a loving and stable family. This changed in middle school, when her father was killed in a police shooting despite doing nothing wrong, drastically changing her family's dynamic and shattering her idealistic view of the world. She became jaded, cynical, and paranoid, struggling to balance her grieving with taking care of her family thanks to her mother spiraling into a deep depression.

By the time she reached high school, Isabella was determined to something to ease the suffering she saw every day, be it in person or on the news. She isn't sure exactly what she wants to be. A lawyer? A cop? A politician? Each new semester stresses her out more as she weighs her options, keenly aware of the mental burdens, tough choices, corruption, risks, and ill reputations associated with all of them. Everything requires a vast monetary and emotional investment, and even then she's viciously aware that if she manages to succeed it's not possible for her to fix everything and save the world.

After being taken to Delphys, Isabella found herself in shock. It was so unlike anything else she had ever experienced. Any problem could be easily be taken into her own hands and solved with either might or words. None of the biases on Earth existed there, nor were conflicts ever about anything serious. All that mattered was happiness, indulgence, pleasure... things Isabella never had the time nor headspace for on Earth.

There's a tremendous part of her that wants to stay in this unusual Heaven, free of the world's problems and the fear that hangs around her. But her heart keeps reminding her that if she runs away, there's one less person on Earth to make it a better place. If she chooses to give up her humanity, she's turning her back on everyone who's suffering like she has. But, her brain reminds her, does one person really make that much of a difference? Why not just let the Earth burn and enjoy her new life in Heaven? Doesn't she deserve this peace? These thoughts become harder and harder to ignore...

  • Birds
  • Ties
  • Cropped Pants
  • Helping Others
  • Driving
  • Injustice
  • Wearing Skirts
  • Bees
  • Primula's Food Habits
"I want to protect everyone. I want to save the world."

Content Warnings: Homophobia, grievous crimes against ice cream.
Primula Blumenthal
BirthdayMay 25th

Primula was born into a stereotypical Christian fundamentalist family and quickly proved she was going to be an issue. She was loud, disobedient, too tolerant of groups her family deemed sinful and blasphemous, and expressed interest in other girls from a relatively early age. Her life was a roller coaster of playing along to not get in trouble, then getting tired of that and acting out. Eventually her family refused to tolerate her behavior anymore, kicking her out of the house before she even had the chance to finish high school. Primula didn't care, though. She was ready to take on the world her way!

Unfortunately the world wasn't so generous, so she wound up coasting on acquaintances before managing to get a shitty apartment thanks to shitty part-time jobs. She's struggling to find her place in the world and keep her head above water, so Delphys is like Heaven to her. Fantasy world? No bills? Sick mind-control voice? Everyone views her like royalty? Full of hot monster babes? No one being an asshole about her wanting to bang said hot monster babes? Why would she ever want to go back? She questions this pretty openly, leading to the seeds of discord being sown in the group.

Primula is extremely blunt and talkative, having little to no filter nor any awareness of how others are feeling if they don't explicitly say it. She makes her opinions very obvious and doesn't take anything too seriously, making it easy for her to unwittingly alienate people. She cares about people and will accommodate their needs, she's just... kind of oblivious. Also well-known for doing horrible things to food, like putting barbecue sauce on ice cream.

  • Flirting
  • Reading
  • Social Media
  • Fashion
  • Barbecue Sauce
  • Men
  • Spam E-Mails
  • Papercuts
  • Crunchy Desserts
  • Moral Guardians
"I want what I deserve. I want to be allowed to enjoy it."

Content Warnings: Alcohol, parental abuse.
Dakota Warren
BirthdayJuly 14th
ColorDark Brown

A kind-hearted girl who grew up in a poor, always-moving, unloving family. Dakota was forced to care for her many difficult siblings while her parents smoked, drank, and criticized her every action. Seeing her as more of a maid than a daughter, however, her parents also did everything in their power to manipulate her away from college and getting a job, convincing her that she wasn't good enough to succeed at anything. She'd just be a burden anywhere she went, so it was best to just stay at home where at least her "loving" family would show her mercy.

Dakota grew up with a severe inferiority complex, anxiety, about a million problems from repression, and a general sense of unease about the world. Getting dragged to Delphys was a total shock to her system. No one was bullying her into doing things! Everyone was really nice to her! People thought she was cute! People actually believed she could perform simple tasks! And then some! It was hard to convince herself she wasn't just dreaming, and even afterward she felt guilty. Did someone as worthless as her really deserve to be in a place as wonderful as this?

Even if she comes to accept that, there's another problem. Namely that the overarching goal is to find a way back home. Why would she want to go back home, though? She's learning she deserves so much more, but she doesn't have the means to escape her home situation. Even if she did, what then? Be stuck at the bottom rung due to a lack of education, experience, and references, struggling through life in the hopes of having a slightly better one a decade from now? Go back to being afraid of everyone around her? Why can't she just stay...?

  • Animals
  • Warm Blankets
  • Drawing
  • Compliments
  • Bread
  • Mean People
  • Panic Attacks
  • Spicy Food
  • Scratchy Fabrics
  • Allergies
"I don't want to go back. I don't want to hide anymore."

Valeria Ibarra
BirthdayOctober 16th

A lethargic girl with two sides to her. Internet Valeria is extroverted, mischievous, silly, carefree, and upbeat. She loves to tease people, play games, have fun, and just hang out with people. Real life Valeria, however, is a total introvert, afraid to talk to most people and unable to take a compliment without stammering. She needs extensive recharge time after every interaction and is so withdrawn that her family's all but disowned her for not staying in consistent enough contact. She lives paycheck to paycheck, scrounging together money via freelance web design, art commissions, and the odd vaporwave track here and there.

Being plunked into Delphys was a dream come true, lack of wi-fi aside. It's a place full of cool monsters, pretty girls, fantastic sights, magical powers, and not a single bill in sight! She doesn't need a job, she has no obligations, she's a cute slime girl... she could just relax and do whatever she wanted whenever she wanted! The dream life!

Of course, it soon became apparent that the other girls wanted to find a way back home. It wasn't like she didn't have things she enjoyed back on Earth, and she did miss her internet friends... but that almost made it worse. Was time still passing on Earth? No one was paying her bills or doing her work. How would she explain where she was for weeks, if not longer? How could she possibly pick up the pieces? Wasn't life already enough of a struggle?

  • The Internet
  • Vaporwave
  • Hats
  • Slime
  • Pajamas
  • The Internet
  • Physical Exertion
  • Bright Lights
  • Social Obligations
  • Jeans
"I want to enjoy my life on my own terms. I want to stay here."

Belinda Whittle
BirthdayNovember 7th

An... unusual woman, to be sure. Belinda owns a pâtisserie and enjoys making all sorts of desserts, skilled enough at it to be making good money. She doesn't speak much about her past, though, far more interested in exploring Delphys and seeing all it has to offer. She finds the group's whole situation quite intriguing, feeling little concern about getting back home nor what the consequences of going home might be. Her lifestyle seems focused on living in the moment, even if it comes at the cost of whatever she's built in the past, making it hard for her to relate to the plights of her peers.

Belinda tends to act strangely, always standing too close to people and being entirely too blunt with her words. She'll say cruel or otherwise unpleasant things with a smile on her face, never seeming to take anything seriously. Even as tensions grow between the princesses she remains unscathed, simply steepling her fingers together and voicing an interest in where this journey might take them all...

  • Sweets
  • Handiwork
  • Winter
  • Accessories
  • Cuddling
  • Prudes
  • Flies
  • Cruelty
  • Pollution
  • Bitter Food
"I want to see what happens next."

Koa Kealoha
BirthdayAugust 16th
ColorLight Teal

Born to two enthusiastic entomologists, it's no surprise that Koa grew up to be obsessed with bugs. She's spent her life studying them and hanging around outside to observe them. She finds it fulfilling, but her fixation on them has left her relatively lonely. She'll happily allow them on her person and enthusiastically rambles about bugs to anyone and everyone, something that's offputting to many.

Koa met an exchange student named Yeong-hui in college, and despite their clashing interests - Yeong-hui is afraid of bugs and a near-drowning incident in her youth has left Koa afraid of Yeong-hui's area of study, the ocean - they wound up becoming fast friends. It didn't take long for them to start dating, and things seemed idyllic. Then Koa was whisked away to Delphys.

At first it was great! There were so many new species to discover, and she suddenly had a bunch of friends! Yeong-hui was even there with her! But the group soon came to realize that it was entirely possible that time was still flowing on Earth while they were on their magical adventure, and Koa's family would have no choice but to assume something horrible had happened to her. As much as she loves Delphys, she's suddenly desperate to find a way back to Earth.

  • Bugs
  • Plants
  • The Outdoors
  • Naps
  • Bracelets
  • Cabin Fever
  • Caffeine
  • Open Water
  • Storms
  • Bullies
"I want to go home, but I also want to stay... why can't it be both?"

Yeong-hui Song
BirthdayMarch 10th
ColorPale Red

A girl who's always been passionate about the ocean, going to school in hopes of finding a career in marine conservation. She moved to Hawaii on a study abroad program where she met Koa, quickly falling in love despite Koa's obsession with bugs... which Yeong-hui can't stand. But Koa is so cute!! She figures she'll find a way to get over it. Maybe...

Yeong-hui is upbeat and friendly despite being incredibly unlucky, stumbling into mishaps every day. It's not like she's without her problems, though; at the moment she's struggling with her relationship with Koa's family, which she feels like she's barely a part of. It's not helped by the fact that Koa is resistant to the idea of moving out - something her parents have never pushed - when Yeong-hui would like to start a life together with her.

Ending up in Delphys suddenly pushes all these issues to the side. Yeong-hui suddenly has all the time she wants to hang out with Koa, not to mention becoming a mermaid gives her the ability to explore the ocean on a whole new level. And all of the new species to be catalogued! There's so much potential! It couldn't hurt to stay just a little while longer, right...?

  • The Ocean
  • Horror
  • Cooking
  • Muscles
  • Exploring
  • Bugs
  • Litter
  • Exams
  • Ice
  • Playing Sports
"I want to be open with my feelings. I don't want to be afraid anymore."

Blair Yamamoto
BirthdayDecember 16th

Blair has always been a walking contradiction, much to her chagrin. She has entirely too many interests and likes, making her attempts to solidify her identity a disaster. Her parents are a horror film director and a professional photographer, neither world being something she's interested in. She wants to be ripped, but she's also self-conscious that her enjoyment of presenting masculinely is proof that she's Not Really Trans(tm). On the other hand she also likes pretty lacey things, but if she includes those in her wardrobe then she feels like she's not butch enough! She wants to be cool and tough and make every girl swoon... but every time she talks to another girl she clams up and turns red. She likes cooking but gets nervous cooking for others, she likes animals but can't bear to see them hurt, she likes working out but has a hard time teaching people things... she's been wasting away in low-paying warehouse jobs trying to decide on the single route to slap her life on.

Delphys wasn't a place Blair was expecting to enjoy, but it's opened her eyes. Everything is so open and free there. There's no pressure to pick one thing or be one person: experimentation is encouraged and doing things differently than the norm is praised. There aren't any time limits nor is money necessary to survive, and even if it was there's enough time to go through every career possible; beings there are immortal, after all. Of course, it also exacerbates some of her issues, as she's always been hesitant to just let go and not worry what others think... something hard to ignore now that she's a buff pretty unicorn surrounded by cute girls.

Blair wouldn't mind staying, but she owes a lot to her family and loves them. There are plenty of things she likes about Earth, too, even though everyone else seems pretty sour on it. It would be so much easier if they could just have both worlds, but it seems like an all-or-nothing deal...

  • Working Out
  • Lace
  • Dogs
  • Bacon
  • Horses
  • Decision-Making
  • Baths
  • Cheese
  • Scary Movies
  • Feeling Vulnerable
"I want to figure out who I am. I want to be someone."

Content Warnings: Transphobia, bullying.
Nephele Adesso
BirthdayApril 28th
ColorLight Green

A girl born to a famous fashion designer and a successful painter, Nephele was placed on the path for a pleasant life full of opportunity. Her parents were always loving and supportive despite being busy, even being fully on-board with her transition and aligning themselves with LGBT causes. Unfortunately the rest of the world wasn't so supportive; Nephele wound up being bullied at school enough that she had to switch to homeschooling, and the older she got the harder it was to keep herself from reading articles about her family and the hateful comments beneath them. That only made her more prone to learning about the rest of the world's evils, piling up until she came to resent the world in its entirety.

Nephele wound up becoming a recluse, staying with her parents and seldom leaving the house thanks to intense anxiety. She entertained herself with fiction, becoming easily enraptured by fantasy worlds where none of her problems existed. Needless to say, being taken to Delphys was a dream come true! Not only did Delphys not have any of Earth's prejudices, but she could live the fantasy life she always dreamed of, complete with magical powers.

After so long Nephele feels like she can finally be free. No worries, nothing to be afraid of, and no burdens on her parents. They'll be better off without her anyway, right? So she can't understand why everyone else wants to go back home. Don't they realize how horrible Earth is, especially in comparison to Delphys...?

  • Birds
  • Crafting
  • Video Games
  • Salad
  • Thunderstorms
  • The World
  • Crowds
  • Math
  • Anxiety
  • Mud
"I want to escape everything. I want to be free."

Lenore Blackwood
BirthdayJanuary 26th

Lenore is the sort of person who can't speak without stuttering, always shying away from things and talking herself down. She's easily embarassed, weak-willed, and couldn't hurt a fly.

...That's what she wants you to think, anyway. Lenore was born to a gold digger exploiting a void-worshipping cult and was raised to follow in her footsteps. She knows how to manipulate people like she knows how to breathe, and she exploits this ability regularly to get what she wants. Namely, what she wants is enough money to kill her mother and run off to go research magic to find a way to recover her sacrificed brother and father. You know, as one does.

Lenore is perfectly fine with Delphys. Sudden magical powers, revelation of a supernatural charisma, awareness of the existence of other worlds and mythical species, loads of cute girls to get to spoil her... she couldn't ask for much more. Whether the group chooses to stay or leave matters little to her, and she has a hard time caring about their individual plights. She's been given all the tools she needs to accomplish her goals; now all she needs to do is hone her skills and start making her final plans...

  • Mythology
  • Cats
  • Risque Imagery
  • Hardcover Books
  • Monsters
  • Her Mother
  • Meat
  • Dust
  • Smoke
  • Papercuts
"I want satisfaction. And I'll get it."

Irma Penrose
BirthdayApril 15th

A girl who loves space, growing up dreaming of being an astronaut. Unfortunately due to her deafness it's not really a possibility given the physical requirements of the career. That hasn't kept her down, though; she still hopes to get a related job. Not being kept down tends to be a big part of her personality; she's learned that there's no point dwelling on the past and what can't be done, instead preferring to find new routes and solutions.

Delphys was an unexpected but not unwelcome experience. Though people tend to assume otherwise - much to her annoyance - she's an incredibly extroverted sort and something of a flirt. The prospect of being in this strange new world is exciting to her! Aside from there being so much to learn there, there's plenty of good company and fun to be had. It helps that Rhiannon, Isabella, and Belinda are all capable of interpreting for her, not to mention she can get her Princess Voice across in sign.

Though Irma loves Delphys, she's also been enjoying her life on Earth. She'd like to go back, but she can see the arguments for and against the idea. She ends up becoming something of a mediator for the group, good at keeping the others calm and on track, but in the end there's only so much she can do given the situation and her own feelings...

  • Space
  • Blogging
  • Soda
  • Bean Bag Chairs
  • Bomber Jackets
  • Bigots
  • Boredom
  • Cloudy Days
  • Sunburns
  • Captionless Videos
"I want to explore the world. I want to keep smiling."