Valentin Severinov



2 years, 11 months ago


Valentin Severinov
AGE ~49



GENDER Nonbinary

PRONOUNS he/him, they/them


ALIGNMENT Neutral Good

  • overly responsible
  • willing to sacrifice his own happiness to do what's right or expected of him
  • holds on very tightly to his mistakes/regrets and doesn't know how to let go of them
  • mom friend
  • todd coward (runs away from his problems instead of confronting them)
  • loves his family (and anyone he considers to be family) and would do anything for them
  • always willing to listen to people's problems
  • call the ambulance... BUT NOT FOR ME 🔫
  • takes a long time to come to a decision on anything
  • commands authority without being forceful or aggressive


Design Commonalities:

  • very long straight black hair that's going gray in some spots
  • freckles all over his body
  • space imagery, especially black holes
  • silk wraps that go over his right shoulder and around his waist, ultimately trailing on the floor behind him
  • gothic imagery too
  • preferred weapons: giant scythe or giant axe

Story Themes:

  • r e g r e t
  • Wise Old Man™
  • usually a hermit of some sort
  • some kind of well-respected figure
  • all sorts of family troubles, almost always caused by his sense of duty
  • highly knowedgeable/educated
  • probably a good guy
Cecil LaRousse depends
  • very fond of Cecil (said fondness may or may not be reciprocated)
  • mentor role?
  • scared to hell of getting just verbally decimated by them
  • has usually mucked up his relationship with them somehow and just gets to live in Regret
Synclair Devereaux acquaintance?
  • has a lot of respect for Synclair's intelligence but thinks he acts too condescending
  • mostly immune to Synclair's rudeness
  • is much more patient to him than most others would be
Ilya Zharkovich ??? depends
  • sees the good in Ilya, as much as he tries to hide it
  • isn't very bothered by his gruff personality
  • tries to get him to be a better person, which may or may not work
Sydney Devereaux associate?
  • envies Syd's ability to carve their own path through life without caring what anyone else thinks
  • resistant to their manipulative tactics
  • slightly unnerved by the sheer power they can hold over others
Frederick Weiss ???
  • sympathizes with Frederick and his low self-esteem
  • concerned about his well-being most of the time
  • reminds him of himself at his lowest points
Misha Ryzhnikov friend
  • enjoys Misha's presence
  • their personalities mesh together very well
  • protective of him (but not overprotective)
Lysandros Diospyros friend???
  • very much respects Lysandros's dedication to his ideals
  • thinks his optimism is refreshing
  • 😳 that bod tho
Kay Amaro ???
  • son/grandson vibes
  • thinks he's very strong despite all the shit he's been through
  • feels awkward interacting with Kay
  • tries to give him some Wisdom but it only has a 33% chance of landing
Lucrece du Soleil babey?
  • grandchild vibes
  • is out of touch with the Youth so he doesn't understand how to connect or interact with this kid (but by god he tries)