Hairstyle: Short and messy
Hair Color: Sections of white and turquoise with areas that seem dipped in gold
Eyes: Summertime Gold and Turquoise
Skin Tone: Chocolate brown
Build: Athletic, likes to do a lot of sports and run and play

Voice: Tends to be on the higher range for a boy (more alto than tenor) even after he hits puberty his voice will remain in a higher register. Sometimes, if he is really nervous and having trouble with his words his voice will twitter a bit, like a bird. 

Typical Outfit/Style: very preppy, light colors, khakis, still colorful but certainly a bit on the country club side. 

Personality: Zamir is a very bright boy. He loves to learn new things and try new things, and people tend to love him for it. He gets a lot of attention and is a bit of a 'golden child'. His teachers seem to like him because he is smart, his peers like to pick him in gym class because he is fairly athletic, and he isn't bad looking either! He loves to challenge his sister, but also prefers working with her over any other companions. He likes to win because when he doesn't it seems to give Sarika a reason to tell him not to do something.

Hobbies: Currently, Zamir does a lot of reading because he loves to learn, but he also really wants to start going to the ice skating rink more. He wants to learn how to do tricks and skate really well. He can't decide between figure skating and hockey because both look like so much fun for different reasons. He also likes photography and sports stuff.

Habits & Quirks: When he gets anxious he starts slowly ripping stuff apart, like if he has a piece of paper in his hand and his nervous about a report he'll start slowly ripping it into very small pieces until he has a pile of confetti sized paper on his desk. He'll do this with anything he can when he's upset, leaves, flowers, grass, managed to do it with a stress ball once. He actually curls up in the center of his bed with the blankets and sheets up in a very nest like state to sleep.

Strengths: Retains information really well, has great balance, is loyal to people who actually get to know him. Very personable.

Weaknesses: Public speaking...or speaking in general, he gets flustered. Time management, he'll often get lost in other things and not realize a project is due or that class started 5 minutes ago. Backing down when he is in the wrong.

Greatest Fears: To be separated from his sister. To somehow lose the ability to run.

Food - Peaches, they are sweet and really juicy, plus soft. Apples are too hard and oranges take too much time to peel, but peaches are a ready snack at any time. For a special treat he really loves kiwi.
Color - Pretty fond of black because it makes all the other colors look good.
Animal - If you ask him he'll say something befitting a boy like a bear or something, but in actuality its butterflies. He really loves their color and how they are just quiet and beautiful and don't hurt anything.
Plant - Doesn't really have one. Guess he just doesn't think about plants in this fashion, and he's not paid enough attention to know the differences in plants.
Music - Jazz. He enjoys how people can just make it up as they go.
Class - Science. He doesn't have to give oral reports in science and the experiments are really fun! Besides he loves learning about animals and chemistry.
Place to be in the facility - Either science class or out in paradise doing something active.
Playtime activity - Climbing trees. He loves heights and it tends to be quieter in the trees even if Gwen thinks it is a little dangerous. His favorite field trip they've been on was the time they went to the ice skating rink. It was sorta like flying and he thought that was REALLY cool.

Least Favorites:
Food - Not a fan of tomatoes. They are a fruit that isn't sweet and that's just plain wrong.
Color - Muted colors. He much prefers them brighter.
Animal - Mosquitos. They don't really seem to serve a purpose other than spreading diseases and making you itchy.
Plant - Ragweed, he's allergic
Music - Metal tends to be too aggressive for him. Especially when its all screamy and you can't understand the words.
Class - Gym. Even though he is athletic and enjoys running around things in gym tend to get a little...weird. The other kids seem to know he and his sis are a packaged deal, and while Sarika is just as athletic (and in some regards better than him) she tends to be grumpy.
Place to be in the facility - Treatment days. He always gets a bad headache after treatments so he ends up staying in his room. It means lots of missed homework assignments and validation that his sister needs to take care of him.
Playtime activity - Actual arts and crafts, beyond photography. He sees lots of great things in his head but can't translate it to paper. It gets over complicated and then he gets frustrated at not being able to do it right.