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"My Clan is my family, and they will always come before all else!"

Previous names: Tigerkit, Tigerpaw
Age: 28 moons
Allegiance: ThunderClan
Rank: Warrior

Former Mentor: Weaseljaw ♂
Apprentice: n/a

Parents: Morningsong ♀ | Crowtalon ♂
Siblings: Doekit ♀, Sparrowkit ♂, Ratkit ♂

Mate: Sorrelheart ♀
Kits: Brackenkit CherrykitJumpingkit

Tigernose is a fun-loving and playful warrior, and most days almost acts like more an apprentice than any sort of warrior. He's almost always got a smile on his face and does what he can to spread that smile around to other people. He has a heart of gold and is willing to put his life on the line to defend his Clanmates, as he values them above everything else. He also tends to act very father-like to the kits and apprentices, and sometimes to warriors younger than he, as he just wants to ensure he can be there for them.

Tigernose can be serious when necessary, he just doesn't enjoy needing to do so. But when it comes to the safety of ThunderClan, he will know when it's time to get down to business and focus. He's a strong warrior, though some may not suspect that from his energetic and friendly outward demeanor, and won't hesitate to lash out if you threaten or harm his Clan.


Tigerkit was one of four kits in total born to his parents; he had one sister, Doekit, and two brothers, Ratkit and Sparrowkit. They were born right as the world was transitioning from leaf-fall to leafbare, so the world was cold and harsh. Due to that coldness, despite their mother's best efforts, her entire litter caught a bad case of whitecough. The medicine cat did everything they could to take care of the kits, but all of them passed on to StarClan--all except Tigerkit, who managed to fight off the illness. The little kit was wracked with grief to see his few-moons-old siblings had passed. And the once-curious and playful kit turned quiet and melancholy.

As an apprentice, Tigerpaw still seemed to carry a heavy weight on his shoulders--the weight of his siblings. He thought it so unfair that he was moving on to become an apprentice while they never got the chance. It was clear his grief badly effected his training, and his mentor worked closely with the apprentice, doing what he could to ease his heart.

Tigernose will never forget the conversation that would change his views. His mentor, always smiling and always happy, eventually broke through to his apprentice. Tigerpaw finally managed to smile again, about a moon into his apprenticeship, where he face the world with new vigor and excitement. He trained hard to make up for the time he lost and worked every day to make his mentor proud of him.

When the time came for Tigerpaw to become an official warrior, he was honored and proud. He took his new name with a big smile and vowed during his silent vigil that night to always protect his Clan. He'll never forget about his siblings--Doekit, Ratkit, and Sparrowkit. Even if they are with StarClan, he promised to do everything he could to honor them by helping the Clan in whatever way he could. Even if he couldn't do anything for them as a kit, he would help ThunderClan continue to prosper and flourish

Despite such a serious attitude about those thoughts, Tigernose continued to keep up a friendly and upbeat attitude. Despite the hardships he had been through, he wanted to be just like his mentor; he wanted to help spread smiles and happiness to others, and help them through their hardships. Which has led to him always having such a playful attitude. He's gotten along well with his Clan and the other warriors, and will continue to do what he must to keep them happy and safe

ThunderClan suddenly found themselves in a hard spot for prey with the most recent leafbare. It was so bad that they had to hunt in Twolegplace just to keep the Clan fed. Whitestar proposed to Lilacstar, the leader of RiverClan, to give them Sunning Rocks so they could have enough food. Lilacstar, of course, declined. So ThunderClan fought RiverClan over the territory--and they won! However, it was at a loss of a good warrior by the name of Squirrelbranch, and Tigernose was very upset by this. He thanks her along with StarClan for every piece of prey he catches there.

But ThunderClan hasn't had much time to put Sunning Rocks to good use. Leafbare has continued to be harsh! The Clans were warned of an impeding storm, but Tigernose felt they were rather prepared for it. He wasn't too concerned. But with a Gathering right around the corner, too, things weren't looking to good for the Clans. But ThunderClan was still persevering! They even had a starblessed ceremony, which had been decorated with many Twoleg objects they'd taken from a "store", as they call it. Tigernose thought everything in there was weird, and it all smelled weird and tasted funny, but he brought back a fake sunflower for himself. Or, rather...for someone else.

On the day of that gathering, Tigernose asked Sorrelheart to join him out on a walk to go see something. She thankfully agreed to come along and he took her out to the Great Sycamore. Asking her to close her eyes, he retrieved the sunflower that he'd taken back with him from Twolegplace and gave it to her, as a little gift that she could keep tucked behind her ear. Sorrelheart was overjoyed, and, before Tigernose knew it, he ended up confessing to her that he cared for her deeply, and he wished for them to be more than friends. Sorrelheart admitted to feeling much the same way, and the tom was incredibly happy to hear such a thing.

At the gathering itself, the tension between ThunderClan and RiverClan thankfully wasn't too noticeable. The leaders began to speak, as usual, when suddenly Viperfang, a fellow ThunderClan warrior, attacked a RiverClan warrior, shouting out about how she was doing this for Squirrelbranch. Tigernose was too shocked and horrified to try and stop her, and felt sick to his stomach when he saw the RiverClan cat she had attacked had been killed.  And, at the same time, the sky opened up, releasing upon the Clans the harsh blizzard StarClan had warned them about. Tigernose helped escort Viperfang back to camp, and now he's concerned about what they're going to do with her once the storm passes. For now, he'll keep a careful eye on her, while also helping out around camp to ensure everyone's safety. 

Finally, the storm had passed, and all was relatively well in ThunderClan. During the storm, they had taken in a few stray cats--one of them was Duckpaw, a cat from ShadowClan. Once the forest was safe enough to travel, Tigernose and Jackdawpaw--who is Whitestar's son--offered to escort Ducky back home safely. While walking, Tigernose got into a bit of a disagreement with the apprentice, and suddenly it escalated to the point where Ducky attacked him and ripped off one of his ears before darting back for ShadowClan territory!

Tigernose was upset, but unharmed otherwise, so he went straight back to camp to have Emberlily tend to the wound. It took a little time to heal, but eventually did, and he was soon back to his normal self as spring finally settled in. He's been happy with ThunderClan, and happy that nothing too exciting has been going on.

Current History

(5/30) Tigernose had remained at camp rather than attend the most recent gathering. Sorrelheart, his mate, had done the same. While he was sitting watch by the camp entrance, she approached him to make a wonderful announcement: she was pregnant! Tigernose is absolutely over the moon with happiness at the thought that he'll soon be a father! Just like he's wanted for a long time.