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Basic Info




The Norinae

Place of origin

NGC-111 Aether Galaxy, Aqialeus


NGC-111 Aether Galaxy, Pachikame

Specific residence

Pachikame, Tri Region, Athens Island (probs)


Socky (sibling)


Chi, Mr. Cat, Socky, Ryze, Brendan, Kattebel


Sy is an entity who originated from the digital world, born on a planet with inhabitants like robots, tech-related creatures and, of course, entities born out of pixels. These kind of 'pixel-born' entities come to be within a digital world, a server if you will, and grow up there until they're adults- To either stay there and develop into something like an AI, or to leave and inhabit the real world.

However, sometimes errors occur, and individuals are kicked out of the system. Sy was one of these cases, being kicked out at a fairly young age with her younger sibling Socky. They were moved into an orphanage (probably... Nobody really knows). A happy-go-lucky carefree child once, turned into a more serious, sarcastic, moping hopeless case, with questionnable morals. It went like that for years upon end, until Sy was old enough to go her own ways. She lived with Socky independently during her mid-late teens, getting involved with things that were far beyond her reach. One time she came in touch with some demon guy from another galaxy  (Brendan), and the two became good friends, often going out to pull off shenanigans (to the demise of Socky).

At a later point, Sy and Socky went through a magical portal, which opened once all planets aligned, teleporting the two to another planet in the system- Pachikame. It was here Sy met and became friends with others like Ryze, Chi and Rin, being in a much better mental place than ever before. It'd take Sy until early adulthood to become that similar happy-go-lucky child once again, with a tint of good ol' sarcasm.

As of today, she often hangs out with Chi, Mr. Cat, Socky, or her 'evil shenanigans squad' (which is really just pulling pranks at this point) with Ryze and Brendan.