SY. ★



3 years, 4 months ago

Basic Info


Sona & mascot


SCP-404, Error


26 December










5'7" (1.70m)


AI cat


IC-4591 Iagoon Fisaris Galaxy, Aqialeus


NGC-111 Aether Galaxy, Pachikame, Tri Region, Athens Island (probs)


The Norinae



—  a digital entity and the second holder of the Tri symbol necklace —

Sy is an entity who originated from the digital world, born on the planet Aqialeus with inhabitants like her- robots, tech-related creatures and, of course, entities born out of pixels. These kind of 'pixel-born' entities come to be within a digital world, a server if you will, and grow up there until they're adults- To either stay there and develop into something like an AI, or to leave and inhabit the real world.

However, sometimes errors occur, and individuals are kicked out of the system. Sy was one of these cases, being kicked out at a fairly young age with her younger sibling Socky. They were moved into an orphanage to grow up in. A happy-go-lucky carefree child once, turned into a more serious, sarcastic, moping hopeless case, with questionable morals. It went like that for years upon end, until Sy was old enough to go her own ways. She lived with Socky independently during her mid-late teens, getting involved with things that were far beyond her reach. Being the curious intellectual type, Sy would often perform experiments or research things such as black holes.. Besides pulling some mayhem, much to the annoyance of Socky.

During early adulthood, Sy and Socky went through a magical gateway, teleporting the two to a vast void of nothingness in the Aether Galaxy. The two kept going on, and eventually they ended up on the planet Pachikame in the same system. Being weary from travel, the two decided to settle and stay there for a little bit.. Until that 'little bit' became something longer, and eventually Pachikame was their new home.

Sy and her sibling lived for a while in the Aegaeon Region. Sy kept doing her experiments and studying the world around her, as well as playing mischief on others. One time, Sy encountered a being not from this world, a demon on fire called Brendan. It didn't take long for the two to become friends, especially with Sy pestering Brendan about his 'regular mortal name'. The two would become an unstoppable mischievous pair of pranksters, sometimes even going too far with their deeds.. Leaving a devastated Socky on her own in Sy's and Socky's home.

One day, word came around of this unknown 'Tri Region'. Sy was determined to find this region, and thus she set sail along with Socky and Brendan, seeking undiscovered lands and leaving their home in the Aegaeon Region behind. Plenty of tales existed about individuals trying to find the Tri Region, and hopelessly failing- Cursed to never come back to share their experiences about their journeys. Somehow, though, the trio was one of the few to actually find Tri Region and set foot on the rumoured islands.

It was here Sy met and became friends with others like Ryze, Chi and Rin, being in a much better mental place than ever before. Slowly but surely, Sy would turn back into the once happy-go-lucky child she once was, with a good tint of sarcasm. As of today, she often hangs out with Chi, Mr. Cat, Socky, or her 'evil shenanigans squad' (which is really just pulling innocent pranks at this point) with Ryze and Brendan.

Traits: curious, cunning, intelligent, sarcastic, mischievous, happy-go-lucky, short-tempered
Strengths: can solve problems in various imaginative ways (whether it's straight-forward or beating around the bush), gives good advice and is emotionally strong, is knowledgeable about lots of topics
Flaws: not the type to depend on emotionally, can easily throw fits, doesn't think about consequences to her actions, can sometimes still be an asshole
Hobbies: playing pranks, studying the world and universe, doing whatever the hell she wants
Likes: spending time with friends, science, doing experiments, the supernatural, doing childish things (to annoy others), technology
Dislikes: loved ones being harmed, glitching out, smelly food (tomatoes in particular)
- despite not needing to eat, Sy loves to eat food a lot
- loves gummy worms
- Sy's a light sleeper
- can glitch out into other realities/dimensions, uses this to her advantage to 'fuck off' or to learn about other worlds
- usually the soundwaves change size when Sy's talking, but she can also simply open her mouth
- her original name was SCP-404 or ‘Error’, but she’d not like to remember that