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Name: Eliane
Age: 20 (birthday is March 22)
Gender: Cis female (she/her)
Species: Island Xweetok
Occupation: Café Barista / Waitress, College student
Home: The Island
Family: Has a mother, father, and younger brother
Relationship Status: Single; looking
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Personality: Girly, social, upbeat, confident, a little bratty when in a bad mood

+ Strengths

  • A good leader
  • Kind and affectionate

- Weaknesses

  • Extremely self-conscious and sensitive
  • Behaves irrationally when under stress


  • Making jewelry
  • Swimming
  • Animals
  • "Girly" things (shopping, fashion, etc)


  • Getting dirty
  • Violence
  • Messiness
  • Tourist boys hitting on her


  • 5 ft 6 in
  • Slender
  • Long, wavy, grass-green hair
  • Green eyes
  • Brown, tan, & white markings

Clothing Style

  • Likes trendy, feminine clothes
  • Usually dresses for warmer weather, but will wear jeans and a hoodie when the weather turns cold
  • Wears lots of homemade jewelry (the only jewelry she wears pretty consistently are her earrings, but otherwise, feel free to make up jewelry!)


Eliane grew up in a small beach town, where she lived a normal, happy childhood with her parents and younger brother. Shortly after she finished high school, Eliane moved into a small house along the beach with her best friend, Maggie, and the two of them now attend college together.

Eliane currently works at a café along the beach. While she is fairly content with her current job, she sees it primarily as a way to pay for her schooling. She has dreams of someday becoming a veterinarian, as she loves animals more than anything. When not at work or at school, Eliane also enjoys making jewelry in her spare time, which she occasionally sells at markets or over the internet. She has her own website, where likes to blog about her latest jewelry creations.

On some occasions, Eliane is asked to babysit for her neighbors' children, Arthur and Annie. Eliane finds it a bit silly having to babysit a 12-year-old boy, whom most would assume could easily look after his younger sister by himself; but the two siblings are notorious troublemakers, and their parents really don't trust them with being alone together. It's not uncommon for the normally peaceful Eliane to have her mean side brought out by the children, but she does whatever she can to remain calm and professional around them.

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