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Name taken: Nguyễn Thi Hòa  (family name middle name first name)

Called: Hòa, the dragon of the sea

Age: 143

Length: 5-6 metres

Ethnicity: Vietnamese

Gender/Pronouns: She/her

Family Members: The sea

Hòa is a vetehi who lives in the waters of Hạ Long Bay. She is regarded as a strong, loving mother figure to the creatures around the bay and is generally regarded as a mother to all sea creatures. Merfolk see her as a grand, powerful figure who is warm and caring. She is generally seen as the mother of all creatures.

She’s kind, warm and the protector of all creatures of the sea. Living around the islands, she often observes the humans that come to sight-see and does not generally attack unless provoked. She has been known to be vicious but is generally benevolent.

Folk tell tales about the dragon in the water, but none dare to capture her. Those who try end up paying with their life. Hòa will not hesitate to drown any hunters or anyone who wrongs her or her family.

The sentient creatures are her family. Oh, may every deity have mercy on your soul if you dare to wrong them.

Hòa is a symbol of the last dynasty. She is donned in the colours of royalty, of undying power. Amongst the people, Hòa still symbolises the power of the emperors and royalty and they hold her in high regard. Sometimes they leave offerings of fish to the dragon of the sea. Hòa takes all offerings in exchange for peaceful waters. 

The emperors had seen her and named her the beautiful dragon of the sea, but any attempts to capture her has led to fatalities. Hòa has never let herself be captured by humans and never lets any other being like her get captured. Though, she has some ideas on what "being captured" actually means.
Her nurturing instincts come from how she protected sea creatures while she was a young vetehi. She’s always been seen as motherly, as the protector of all creatures. She has been known to save all creatures from harm. To those who turn against her, she has known to be vicious. She regards all who turn against her as traitors. She is not forgiving to these creatures and has been known to engage in fights that end up with harsh punishment.

Hòa indeed does eat sea creatures despite seeing them as family and protecting them. I wonder what happens to those who disobey. She knows that the food chain exists and she has come to an inner compromise that she must eat to survive. She eats the fish that her merfolk children bring to her.
She is not perfect. She has her faults. But none would dare to disobey the dragon of the sea. None would dare to disobey their great and powerful mother. Incredibly wise and powerful, what would you have to gain from disobeying her?

Hòa has some interesting ideas on what she things is okay. She is absolutely not immune to propaganda.
She reminisces about her childhood often. Sea creatures that are still around from back then are hesitant to point out inaccuracies. They do not voice it. Not after what happened to the other creatures. 

Hòa knows who Shocktopus is. She sees him as a young bumbling creature that she must protect from harm. Word spreads through the ocean and she's very aware of this tiny creature. She feels the same way about Kalle, and Deirdre is a vetehi that she wishes to become more friendly with.

Notable vetehi traits:

Flat chested (they are not mammals!!)
Double horns (R)
Long back fin – reaching tail tip (R)
Big paddles (R)
Very large tail tip (R)
Pointy nails (R)
Neck spikes