Hòa's Comments

She's so pretty and I love her personality!!!

aaa thank youuu!! :D

:O thank you so much for the lovely comment! I'm really glad that you like Hòa! I'm happy that her personality doesn't clash - It was something I was concerned about whilst writing her bio but I'm very glad that it seems to work out well!
hsjdhsf thank you again for this lovely comment it seriously made me really pleased to read it! :D ♥

I'm so happy the February prompt gives me a good excuse to gush about just how much I like Hòa!! The moment I saw her design I instantly fell in love, and I really, really love what you have done for her profile wise as well! The contrast in her nature between a beast and a wise, loving and strong mother figure is absolutely delicious and something I always super enjoy reading! Because I feel like this kind of "mother" image is always just associated with gentleness and super pacifistic qualities, which is super fine and valid, but seeing derivation from that norm is always super exciting, and Hòa makes it particularly exciting bc it's often easy to assume vetehi are just bloodthirsty monsters. 

She's also super pretty like I LOVE her features and color scheme; she makes me think of the lung-type of dragon (which has always been my fave type since I was a child) with her elegance ;__; < 3

Aaa I'm super glad that you like Hòa! :D It really means a lot coming from the creator of the species that you like her, especially her design too!
Dragons in Vietnamese culture are seen as founders and protectors of the people, so I thought it'd be an interesting and contrasting dynamic to mix with her vetehi form ^^ 

Aaaa again I'm really happy you like Hòa! Thank you so much for your lovely words ;-; ^^

aaahhh that's so cool!! I really love it when people mix the vetehi lore with real world culture; another friend made a Finnish vetehi and I got so inspired by it I created Kielo as a result haha. It's so exciting and I think really adds to the lore! 

And you're super welcome, you deserve them!!!