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[Major WIP!]

Hopefully soon to be an UTAU! (Once I have time to record his voice lines ^^ )

HOLO / male / 21 years old / wolf

HOLO is a happy wolf, although a bit reserved. That changes on stage when he's singing, as he's far more energetic and open. He prefers more happier/powerful/energetic music of any genre; he doesn't care much for sad or slow music. 

Some quick notes about drawing him:

HOLO is 5'4" with a slim frame and basically normal anime-esque human proportions outside of his head. Yes, his ref depicts him as a chibi but he absolutely doesn't need to be drawn that way.

With clothes is highly preferred but not mandatory if you're having trouble drawing them (for art games).

Absolutely no nsfw or gore! I have other characters appropriately tagged if you're looking to draw nsfw/gore. Those tags are "nsfw ok" and "gore ok".

The wing on the side of his head is a hair clip to hold that section of his hair back.

He's a singer! It's completely fine to draw him singing or with other musical instruments c: