Lady Rosalind Goldhand



The Moon

Name; Rosalind 'Rose'
Age 25
Gender Female
Race Human/Aasimar
Class Ranger


  • Her Dog
  • Family
  • Adventure
  • Weapons


  • Arguing
  • Seperation
  • Herself
  • Feeling Vulnerable

Anxious. Loving. Needy.

Born the daughter of a rich nobleman, Rosalind was meant to be set for life. Unfortunately her mother died young and her father became distant, but young Rose had her older half-brother to keep her comapny.

When she turned 16, her father employed a young knight-in-training. Rose fell in love almost instantly, and the pair got married as soon as they were both 18.

She became a soldier alongside her husband, but got captured by goblins and held captive for three years. She has only recently reunited with her family but is happy and happily pregnant.

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