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Date, Befriend, and Avoid

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Monue  // Befriend: Istra! I'd have a lot of questions, and would really like to get to know them better. Over time I think it could be a mutually interesting friendship!

Five Facts About Your OC

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1.  It's annoying when people slap my hands away from their food. If they really wanted it, they'd eat it faster.

2.  I wish I had a hot tub. I would spend a lot of time in it.

3.  I'm pickier than most people think I am... I can taste anything that's inside of my body and digest stuff with pressure, so it's not like I'm gonna be your garbage disposal. That's gross.

4.  It's not really that gross to eat stuff that gets dropped on the floor, though. I dunno why everyone thinks it is. It's just a floor.

5.  I like sleeping in other people's beds. They're warm.

Guess the Character's Personality

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MathewMii  //  They are shy at first, but they are very friendly once they get close to someone.

Not wrong! Though they're more uninterested than shy.

I Want to See A Character Who...

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I want to see a character who gets jealous easily and hates it

Istra gets a little possessive over Dicro and often experiences jealousy toward his other partners. It's kind of a new thing to them and they don't like the feeling... they're friends with Dicro's other partners and they don't want to drive Dicro away, but they also can't deny that they want Dicro to be with them all the time and get really uneasy when he spends too much time with other people. They're learning and getting better at relationships, but it's still hard for them to convince themself that Dicro isn't going to just get tired of them and abandon them for other people.

I want to see a character who has lived 150+ years!

Istra has lived for well over 150 years! They're so old that no one really knows how old they are. They've been around for countless millennia, with records of their existence stretching back toward the dawn of Entirety.

In One Sentence...

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Will eat your snacks, your keys, your car, you, your family, your friends, your planet, your plane of existence...

Iso's OC Question of the Day

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Q120. Which OC of yours is the most prone to losing things?

Istra is extraordinarily forgetful and loses things all the time. They'll lose their own stuff, they'll lose your stuff, they'll lose the stuff they've never even seen... their sheer ability to misplace stuff and then forget about it is astounding. It doesn't help that they tend to eat things to store them (their anatomy is... complicated). Sometimes people. Listen, just don't trust them with anything.

Q160. Which OC of yours has your favorite name?

Definitely Istra. I just really like the look and sound of it and it was a name I made that I was kind of saving for an OC I knew was going to be important. I'm really happy I wound up giving it to Istra, since they've certainly succeeded in becoming one of my favorite and most important OCs!

The ^ < v Game

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v I believe you also enjoy a good day at the spa

^ Sure. I like being pampered... it's nice.
<  I'm not picky or anything, but my favorite gummy bears always end up being the red ones. Hmm.
v  I bet you spend too much time in the shower. It's okay, so do I.

What Does Your Character Think of the Character Above You?

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Averiel Asaar  //  "A talented student, how cute. I could just eat you right up~"

Istra  //  You're really infringing on my territory... if anyone's going to be eating people around here, it's going to be me. But I guess if you apologize enough I might let you have the next one. Or the one after that. Maybe. If I'm not that hungry. We'll see.

Rhapsody  //  Tears well up in his eyes as he tightens his collar in a panicked state, backing up slowly, "Oh please tell me you're not a vampire... Oh god please...."

Ruffles  //  If you like horror movies then you might not share this thought... But your mother was mad nasty, wasn't she? I like that, hopefully you inherited something from her :P

Istra  //  Hmm. We should hang out sometime. Definitely.

Rose  //  "Damn... You eat a lot."

What Would Your OC Give the OC Above You?

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Istra  //  Hmm... I guess alcohol isn't very filling, so I wouldn't mind letting you have all of that when I steal stuff from Ignis' fridge... I'm sure he won't notice.

Melmer  //  "Mmmmh, I've baked a bit more sweet bread than I should have... hey, you wouldn't mind eating the extra ones, right? Just the extra ones..."

Yum or Yuck

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Thoughts on Calamari and squid in general? It's probably one of my favourite seafoods when it's done right, especially fried or with this great Bento box I used to get from a suchi place back where I used to live

Squid is interesting... things like that have a pretty unique texture, and I can appreciate that. I like a lot of seafood in general, really. And a lot of meat in general. And a lot of food in general... and a lot of not-food in general...

So... how about gummy bears? If you don't like them, I'll eat them for you. I'll probably eat them anyway, actually.