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Your target uses information to silence people. They must be a Blackmailer.

The Blackmailer. Also known as just Blackmailer or BMer.  Lovingly nicknamed 'Blacky'
A mafia support member.
Sly - Manipulative - Intelligent - Bold - Charismatic 
Easily frustrated - Over confident - Selfish - Judgmental

I am blackmailed.  I am blackmailed.  I am blackmailed.  I am blackmailed.  

The Blackmailer is a tall and skinny young man with blonde hair that partially overs one of his brown eyes.  He wears reading glasses and has a habit of looking over them at people.

Blackmailer is a very cunning and manipulative individual with a knack for winning town over and gaining people's trust.  He is very good at getting people to think he is a 'confirmed townie'.  He claims to be a spy.  During the day he is talkative and extremely charismatic and likable and is usually the one to take charge and lead in voting and lynching.  However of course his targets are never actually a mafia member.  Blackmailer would make a very good executioner.  Blackmailer is very good at paying attention to a lot of things at once and will pick up on small behaviors of others.  This has saved him several times as he can pick up on when someone is suspicious of him.

At night while working with other mafia members he is more withdrawn.  He is calm and collected and is usually busy at work with papers and information on town members rather than helping to decide who to kill next.  When he does speak the others typically do listen to him.  It is like when the quiet kid in the class speaks and everyone is surprised.  Blackmailer is merciless and has no problem telling the mafia to kill someone he has been talking to and being friendly with.  He does not get attached to people.

Blackmailer very easily gets frustrated with people.  If people are acting strange he very quickly becomes overwhelmed and confused.  Jesters are his downfall.  Although for the most part he can keep his cool and continue with his act he sometimes will burst out in anger if someone pushes him too far.