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Species: Bergamasca sheep
Age: 22
Height : 5'7" (most of the time...)

Ice sorceress and stubborn, but shy student of Ethro University, mage's college, Lucibelle hails from a bright land in the east whose meadows stretch all the way to the evening sunsets. With her family of seven, she enjoyed a life of little privilege and constant peace, save the single amenity of a modern cellular device to keep in touch during outings. However, it became a window into many worlds for Lucibelle, who found herself staving off the call of sleep further and further each night. Dragging her fingertip across the screen from beneath her covers allowed her to peer at the many vicarious lives people left each day as recordings--the sensation of inclusion was incredible, unparalleled. She became astounded by live streams of Tali's magic shows, soon coming to tune in each day. Eventually, the sheep decided that the intrigue of city life had piqued her enough to leave her secluded sect of grassy hills.

Her family's caution toward her decision was not unfounded, however. Lucibelle's lineage is seeped with a "curse"--in truth, a defense mechanism that causes her to shrink in times of danger in order to best evade it, which her ancestors used to stay hidden during the warring that also prompted Tali's parentage. Nowadays, the sheep ill entreats her curse. The closest things to danger the magic can detect are feelings of nervousness and stress, which also cause her height to wane inch by inch--not helped in the slightest by Lucibelle's skittish, easily-startled nature. She often ties a bell around her tail as a sort of metronome; keeping a constant rhythm helps keep her calm.

Lucibelle's pale complexion was not always her default appearance; it was her constant delve into the schools of icy magic that turned her hair ash-white and bleached her wool. She no longer feels heat, is perturbed by the overabundance of neither it nor cold, and her breath is frequently foggy. She hopes to follow in Tali's footsteps, now her best friend whom she treats as an unwavering idol, by attending Ethro University and learning everything she can... well, everything that catches her interest. Of course, that doesn't stop her from cutting corners and prioritizing the ends to a spell rather than its process.

Don't let her elegant, queenly affectation fool you. Once you've earned a friend in Lucibelle, you've earned a friend for life.