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November 8th




Artificial Angelic Entity






Chaotic Evil

Date Created

December 28th, 2015


Himself, destroying things, amusing things, fashion, flirting with people while also trying to kill them, the color pink, things that glow, nighttime, catchy music, broccoli.


Water, precipitation, being sued for excessive property destruction and having to wear something stuffy to court and only realizing hours later that he could've just killed everyone, food.

Favorite Color


Favorite Holiday

Anything with fireworks.


content warnings: lots of death and violence. i mean, look at that name, ya gotta make some assumptions here


 sadistic  💥  cocky  💥  shameless  💥  chaotic  💥  flirtatious

     Hellscream lives up to his name: he's cruel, sadistic, and loves to toy with others. He likes to inspire sheer terror in his victims before killing them and taking their souls, and he sure does have fun with it! He seems to be having fun all the time, honestly, and continuing that is his only priority. His programming urges him to cause chaos and only care for his own desires, and though he's become increasingly independent from his code he doesn't have any problem giving into it. He's hedonistic, shameless, and merciless.

     Every once in a while he makes unexpectedly benevolent choices, likely due to the angelic souls that power him briefly influencing him. He seems to be willing to spare people if they intrigue him enough or put up enough of a fight; in particular he's interested in people who show no fear of him, seem fascinated by him, or completely brush him off and continue trying to go about their day after being threatened by an Ungodly Murder Robot.

     He always makes it clear that he's enjoying himself and doesn't take anything seriously. Every battle is a game to him or an excuse to put on a show rather than a struggle between life and death. In battle he's confident, flamboyant, dramatic, and even flirtatious, which tends to draw in plenty of spectators for his ego to feed on. And sometimes the rest of him.


 "Hmm, nope, that scream wasn't blood-curdling enough. How 'bout we try that again?"

    Hellscream was created out of bitterness and loathing. Hell College had been pushed around by Heaven College one too many times, and the news that they had created an artificial entity out of the demonic souls of some of Hell College's students stepped too far over the line. Out of spite, a few members of Hell College's magitech branch abducted some of Heaven College's students in return, using their angelic souls to create their own artificial entity. They coded Hellscream to have an insatiable lust for destruction and cruelty to rub salt in the wound, ensuring that Hellscream wouldn't accidentally give angels a good name.

     Not satisfied yet, Hellscream's creators unleashed him on Heaven College with the mission of destroying his opposite, Celesca. The two fought intensely, seeming to be evenly matched. They left a path of destruction in their wake, and in the torrent of chaos the two managed to take their fight outside of both Hell and Heaven College. With neither institution particularly motivated enough to find them again - they had students to extort to pay for the damages, after all - Hellscream and Celesca wound up fighting their way across Entirety until they were apprehended by the Space Police. The two were dumped off on opposite ends of a planet called Celestella, used to house dangerous entities that were too powerful to be imprisoned. Eventually they found each other again and resumed their fight for several years. At the end of it Celesca managed to damage him enough to deactivate him, at which point she wandered off.

     Hellscream was found a couple years later by a teenager named Zosime Versephon, who fixed him up out of curiosity. Impressed by Zosime's composure and apparent complete lack of common sense and/or self-preservation instinct, he decided to spare them and allowed them to tag along with him, willing to protect them and steal whatever they wanted so long as they served as his mechanic and obligatory youthful sidekick on his quest to raise hell.

RP History

     None yet, check back in later!


 AVERAGE: 8.5/10


     Hellscream is equipped with all sorts of different gadgets, functions, and slots, plenty of which he doesn't even know about. His claim to fame, however, is the angelic souls that power him. This gives him access to an incredible amount of holy magic, allowing him to increase his vibe to such an extent that the eyes of mortals would burst into flame at the sight. Hellscream is also capable of flight (even if he doesn't have his wings out), can withstand an incredible amount of damage, and has strength and reflexes far beyond human ability.

     Hellscream can take souls from those he kills, but instead of eating them he stores them within himself and uses them to power himself without actually consuming them. All of the markings on his body glow, and if you hold your head to his chest long enough you can almost hear the souls within screaming for release...

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