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Sorry for the hella late response 😅 I don't normally check my account. Hmmm just guessing but it looks like you might have had an old version of the code. Please see the fix here!

Hello! It is a little broken upon pasting it in. I am using Google Chrome


not sure if you saw it but i responded in the thread with a quasi-fix for this. the issue is that the code isn't made for bulletins / being posted in a thread so you have to be a bit creative and add some padding.

is this no longer available? The paste bin link is broken


so i just tested the link and it came up fine for me?

just in case here's the link instead

ah strange - i think pastebin mightve just been down at the time. thanks!

yeah it was down a couple of days ago which might be why. i'm actually planning a revamp of the code (because it's broken af esp on my new pc) that will hopefully trim it down a bit so i can post it on toyhouse proper

ah yeah i noticed it was overlapping itself - but i just adjusted the offset to fix that - it is rather huge tho haha
i couldnt get it to copy/paste on my computer without it chugging so i cut it down to a single month to use in the mean time.
its still a really awesome code thats super useful even if its a bit heavy. cant wait to see what you do with it tho,

Heads up! The codes a bit broken, half of the month word section is overplayed onto the dates, not sure if it’s just my screen or what, just wanted to let ya know! (Disclaimer: I’m not asking you to fix this, you have a life and spending an hour of free words isn’t worth you’re time, I just wanted to let ya kno)

hi! sorry for the late response - if you're still having this issue, can you take a screenshot as well as let me know what device and browser you had? i haven't had any issues like that on my end but i like trying to make all my code's as userfriendly and usable as possible!

thank you for letting me know   

Love this idea! Definitely good for creating a new universe! I'll probably use it at some point uwu

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PFFT i wasn't sure tbh??? i definitely want to some how recode this because it's stupidly long and unwieldy e3e

feel free to edit or release your own!!