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"Humans may think of themselves as gods, but they bleed and die just like animals."

Welcome back, Assassin.

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Infiltration Unit C-S1L

Agender (they/them)

mfd 24-03-xx (age ██)



Instruments of Retribution

Class K5N-1F Infiltration Unit C-S1L (aka Assassin) is a elite class infiltration android tasked with assassination, mainly in the Undercity (though they have done a few missions in the Uppercity). Their body started off as a Class S3X-1V Entertainer, but has been intensively modified to suit their new purpose as an assassin. Assassin belongs to ████████, but has gained free will after being infected with a logic virus by SOL-δ. Though they can now do as they please, they continue to obey orders from ████████ to avoid being outed as a rogue android. That doesn't mean that they're entirely opposed to the idea of eliminating their "master," though...

Assassin believes that they are the top predator of the Undercity. While their pride can be blinding, they know their limits and will happily back off if they're in a bad position; unfortunately, they have a fantastic memory and will definitely hold a grudge. They view assassinations as games and relishes in clean, successful kills. They hold humans in high contempt and have no qualms about killing them, especially if they get in the way of their goals.

Their views towards other androids and AIs are more favorable, though it really depends on the specific individual. They are rather apathetic towards most things and would rather watch events play out than take action. It's hard to convince them to really care about something enough to step in unless it's directly related to their interests.








Species Android

Occupation Assassin

Likes Blood / Sharpening their claws & blades

Parkouring / Sitting on roofs like a gargoyle

Dislikes Humans / Being asked why they have hair

Visual Data

  • t i t a n i u m   a l l o y
  • hidden blades in forearms (prefers using the left arm)
  • glowing EMP laser eyes on chest
  • eyebrows + makeup are painted on (can be wiped off)
  • faceplate missing near back of jaw
  • unit no. etched on left thigh


Khyrin Dragonsong

Friend (?)

Assassin isn't sure what to really make of this sentient AI. Though Khyrin's appearance matches that of Synclair's, their personality is nothing like his.

While they seem to care for Assassin, Assassin knows better than to reciprocate those feelings. They are all too aware that Khyrin is a schemer and manipulator, but they are unaware of Khyrin's true motivations.


creator (?)

Assassin had killed Valentin, they knew that for sure, and yet this almost-perfect imitation of their creator still breathes.

Assassin views this pretender with equal parts disdain and relief. Disdain at being reminded of things they would rather forget, relief at knowing that part of their benevolent creator lives on.



Assassin is grateful towards SOL-δ for inadvertantly granting them free will, though they hold some mild dislike towards them for their bratty attitude. It could be said that Assassin is fond of the AI-child, but at the end of the day, they still think the SOL-δ is too naive for the amount of power they wield.

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K5N-1F: C-S1L