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Name Rong Sihua
Title Second Prince Hua; Divine Blossom
Age 24
Gender NB (they/them, he/him, she/her)
Height 6'0"
Birthday Mar. 24 (Wood)
Zodiac Year: Sheep / Month: Rabbit




  • Martial arts level: 5/5
  • Fighting style: Way of the Untamed Dragon
  • Weapon's name: 春龙 / Chunlong
  • likes to pretend they have 0 martial arts skills
  • always has flowers in their hair
  • enjoys sneaking out in women's clothing with Jiaolong
  • demands to have a koi pond wherever they're living

    荣 丝 化


Sihua is the second son of Emperor Xingzong, known to the public as Second Prince Hua. In the jianghu world, they're known as the 'Divine Blossom.'

Despite their rank as a prince, Sihua is a rather relaxed person with a bit of a miserly attitude. Their aloof nature is often misinterpreted as apathy, which has resulted in no lack of misunderstandings with haunty nobles. Their penchant for being sassy has only served to further antagonize the aristocracy, but that hasn't bothered them in the least – in their eyes, all court officials are worthless, two-faced backstabbers. They see nothing wrong with living a simple life as a commoner, especially when it comes to shopping for deals and bargaining with merchants.

They keep their jianghu identity a secret from others in the palace. Though they don't seek out fights like other powerful martial artists, they're perfectly fine with beating someone to a pulp if they feel like the other person deserves it.

They're currently trying to win back the title of crown prince from their elder brother. Though they have little interest in actually becoming an emperor, they will do whatever it takes to destroy their enemies.



  • Flowers & gardens
  • Perfumes
  • Poetry / calligraphy
  • Long nails & nail polish


  • Palace bullshit
  • Their dad
  • Being challenged to a fight
  • Messy rooms


By all rights, Sihua should have been the crown prince, given that they're the firstborn son of the empress and Senxing's favorite child. Luck was not on their side, however: at the tender age of thirteen, they were framed for treason against the empire and Senxing had no choice but to exile them to the mountains at the edge of Xi.

At first, they were inconsolable. They couldn't believe that their childhood crush had testified against them in court and that their father had actually believed the lies that the little traitor had spewed. After getting over their initial rage at the world, Sihua adapted frighteningly well to rural life. The mountains that were meant to serve as their prison became their refuge and they were content to spend the rest of their life surrounded by snow-capped peaks and flowing rivers.

Over the next eleven years, Sihua accomplished many things that would have been impossible for a crown prince of the imperial palace: they befriended a street-rat thief, who eventually became their trusted partner; developed their own style of martial arts, separate from the one taught by Senxing; debuted into the jianghu world and became a semi-famous martial artist.

Things were going well, until the arrival of a royal messenger threw their world into chaos once again. The emperor had decided to pardon his second son of all their supposed crimes and was inviting them back to the capitol. Sihua, tired of all the backstabbing and plotting, really wanted to ignore the message and live out their life in political obscurity. At the same time, they also wanted revenge against the people that framed them. Jiaolong convinced them to return, promising to use their manipulator skills to bring all of Sihua's enemies to ruin.

Sihua currently lives in an estate on the edge of the imperial city, as far away as they can physically be from the imperial palace.


Wang Jiaolong partner


An orphan that Sihua met while in exile. Good at reading people and highly skilled in manipulation.

Sihua's darling partner, even if their schemer tendencies hit a little too close to home. The mastermind behind Sihua's political plays, though Sihua has to pretend that they're just a simple servant.

Rong Senxing father


Once upon a time, Senxing had been Sihua's most favorite person in the world.

They have never truly forgiven their father for believing the words of liars and traitors to that of his own child. Senxing's "gracious" pardon and call for their return after eleven years of exile has only served to rub salt further into the wound.

Rong Qin younger half-brother


Rong Qin is one of Sihua's numerous half-siblings and the only one they consider to be a "litte brother."

Sihua really relates to his goal of escaping the imperial palace to find Zhang Lizui, and thus has begun training Rong Qin in martial arts. The boy has potential and Sihua secretly enjoys listening to him gush about the Divine Blossom.

Rong Meiyu older sister


Meiyu is the eldest of the royal children and Sihua's only full-blood sibling. She kept in contact with Sihua during their exile, even when it was explicitly forbidden.

While she no longer resides in the imperial palace, Sihua cares deeply about her well-being and will happily obliterate anyone who even thinks about harming her.

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