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Cornelius, Young Lord








The Environ Estate


Capcha is a cute one, with lanky limbs, and a boyish face complete with rosy cheeks. He keeps his spiky unruly hair short. Capcha's stature varies significantly, he can be as small as a human child, or as tall as an adult with ease. Mostly he appears human, in form an anatomy, but a few things tend to stay off. His ears are pointed. His eyes lack whites, and strange patterns often appear just under his skin. That with his eternally childish face make him hard to treat as normal

 Capcha's garb changes based on seasons and locations. often he may be found in moss green hues, styled after human dress-clothes. He wears a frilly suit jacket with matching pants, over a pleated dress shirt, his shoes are a darker green, pointed and shiny, and appear like shined leather. In leu of a tie, he has a mutated rose at the nape of his neck. Ribs of living wood line the back of his jacket, and may sometimes sprout leaves. In autumn or when in human-dense areas, he often wears more of a steampunk attire while in winter his clothing is a cool icy blue lined with fluff. 

 When he is feeling playful, Capcha may adopt other clothes and forms.

Capcha is goofy. He scoffs at tradition, but keeps his own house rules fervently. He's the sort of person who's fully willing to wake a sleeping dragon on a prank, and not even care about the fact that there may be consequences. He values ephemerality greatly, and tends to shun things that are too perfect, or which think they are too perfect for their own good. He hangs out with younger races often, finding their pace of life interesting, and more fitting for his pace.


Capcha is a being of magic to the point that he's practically a sort of spirit or surreal being, though he appears as flesh and rarely changes his form significantly. As such, he is not plagued by most of the needs of mortals, and is not bound to the physics of reality. He is both immortal and fragile, as he can effect and be effected by many things within and outside of reality.

Domain -Capcha's magic primarily has themes regarding insects, disease, poisons, parasitic plants, fog, scavenging beasts, deep places, swamps, beginnings and endings, change, madness, illusions, and so on. Superficially he portrays life, light, youth, healing, new growth, luck, and an affinity to the elements but these are all connected to one or more of the darker areas of his domain.

Mechanics -Capcha's magic can be spoken into spells, or freecast.
Aside from a few minor abilities he has, all magics which Capcha casts for the good of himself or someone else must also cause a curse to someone or something of at least equal damage. If he heals someone, something else will fall ill. If he grants prosperity, something else will be blighted. He can take the curse into himself if necessary, but this is rare.Curses which are intended to be such are not the same, as they do not cause collateral good. Instead, the good that should have been provides additional protection and sustenance to himself and his realm.When using Magic in his own ream, the effect of collateral curses is somewhat nullified, but strong spells still have some rebounding effects.

 Magics without rebound-
Capcha's words can be understood by anything of the natural world when he focuses his magic to do so.
Creation of minor non-combative objects for his own use.
Ethereal travel for his own use, as this has to do with his physiology more than other sources
The creation of illusions within his own realm
The control of plants within his own ream or for his own use