Basic Info


October 15




Malik Young


Male // 23

Striving Bright


Nicknames:Flashlight, Glowstick
Affiliation: Heaven
Class: Demi-human
Voice: Like Nasty-C or NF


  • Photokenisis
  • Enhanced physiology
  • Minor psychic abilities
  • Healing
  • Spirital awareness


  • Prone to hesitation
  • Workaholic
  • Humanly vulnerable when drained of power
  • Bottles up feelings, then explodes



Malik is a dark-skinned with a warm brown skin tone. His eyes are oddly blue, often called sky, or ice blue, or even flame blue. Sometimes they seem to glow with an intense inner light. The power in his gaze has a tendency to make weaker beings feel uneasy and to look away.  His hair is blond and styled in messy uneven dreadlocks. He prefers to stay clean-shaven, but hair on his face turns out to be the same hue as that on his head. Malik is around 5'9, is squarely built, and fairly muscular, as he has made a living on jobs which require physical strength and stamina, and does not let his powers serve as an excuse for becoming out of shape.

Malik dresses simply, and prefers to avoid any form of adornment. He's prone to prefer casual wear, denim or khaki pants, a plain T-shirt and plaid flannel button down. He also wears hoodies, or simple garb from whatever realm he might have ended up in.

When becoming charged with energy, Malik's skin becomes increasingly metallic in appearance, eventually taking on a polished bronze hue. His eyes glow with an intense inner fire, and his hair becomes bright like a halo of white-gold. Although he does not gain height, he still tends to appear bigger when compared to humans when in this state. The more energy he radiates, the brighter his appearance becomes, eventually coming near humanly blinding. sometimes energy projections form around him, becoming like wings, or taking other shapes when he is able to focus enough to control it. Eventually this energy can permeate Malik's clothing, increasing the brilliance and vibrancy of the fabric, thus clothing can only hide weaker versions of his charged state.


Malik tends to be quiet and reliable. In situations which he does not think merit expression he tends to keep his thoughts to himself and follow orders. He's very tolerant until pushed to the edge of his patience. Then he'll turn pent up energy into action. When stressed or upset he is prone to bursts of expression including aggression if the situation warrants it. Malik is a bit of a workaholic. If he's not pulling his weight somewhere he can become restless. When possible, his life is rigidly scheduled to balance work, training, power moderation, and pursuit of knowledge. He will put himself at risk to defend the weak, allies, and even enemies in some situations, but he doesn't like using his power openly otherwise. Having grown up under anti-supernatural law, Malik his able to empathize with those who are against paranormal beings. As such he really hates when supernaturals use their power to take advantage of humans. He regrets the loss of the ability to live a quiet life as a human. Malik grew up religious and holds christian moral values. He's a bit conflicted now about how to justify those views with the things he's experienced.


Malik's spirit is like a power generator, creating a form of angelic energy specific to him. This energy builds up in his body over time, and must be managed or used in order to keep its levels stable.Passively, this light energy enhances Malik's physical capabilities. When he allows it to flow, he gains an all around boost in speed, strength, stamina, durability and other abilities, making him stronger than human. It gives him some defense against hostile spiritual environments. The light also allows him to heal even from the brink of death at an accelerated rate.The light is extremely tactile to Malik, and fully under his control. He can use it to heal others as well as himself. He can pick up and handle objects with it. He can create things in various shapes and sizes, usually as attached to himself, such as wings, extra arms, weapons. He can also create focused projectiles and barriers with his light. His spiritual senses are threaded through his light so that he can be aware of anything it touches even if he cannot humanly see it.Due to his spiritual heritage, Malik has a sensitive eye to the 'hidden world'. Malik can interact with things of spiritual nature even if concealed from the sight of mortals as if they were flesh and blood. Malik shows signs of psychic abilities. he often senses events preemptively, and sometimes can pick up readings on the thoughts and feelings of unguarded minds.


Malik was raised by his mom, Nneka Young in a poor neighborhood. His dad disappeared from his life when he was too young to remember. Nneka worked hard to make sure Malik was provided for, and tried hard to make time for him and teach him her own values. Malik was bullied in school by Dio and others, and often retaliated with his fists. As he grew many of his peers fell into rebellious lifestyles due to environmental and social pressures. His upbringing kept him centered, so Malik found the patience to resist the pull of gangs, and try and stay in school. When Nneka fell sick Malik stepped up into a more responsible life to care for her. He got a job, cut off contact with many of his classmates and focused on being there for his mom. She insisted he stay in school but his grades dropped and he missed classes, especially after his mother was hospitalized for her illness.

His mother was very ill when malik had his first encounter with a being who wasn't human. It was a day off. She ended up basically on his doorstep, and in need. Malik couldn't help her much, but was thankful for the distraction until he got the call from the hospital that his mom would not live through the night. He headed to the hospital immediately. Nneka's death was a catalyst to revealing that he too had never been fully human. Malik struggled to return to a feeling of normalcy with this knowledge. After a few more misadventures, one of which ended in a 'friend' being dragged off by the authorities, he tried to cut off his contact with the supernatural, and pretend all was well. He decided to try to finish school, pay the bills, and so on. Yet running away from things is always impossible.

When his home state was beset by demons in the winter soon after he had turned 18, it forced him to bring his powers back to the forefront. He was simply trying to protect himself, but in the end it was a battle of mistakes. He couldn't save the lives of his co-workers nor others he saw die that night. Guilt haunted him for months, causing him to hate the supernatural around him as he tried to recover some sense of normalcy. But his powers were on a loose trigger. He was like a constantly charging battery, and any time he got worked up, he'd end up overcharged. He used to compress and compress his abilities until they'd explode then the cycle would start all over again. He knew it was only a matter of time before he was found out, yet he was too attached to his human life. Even when help tried to reach him from supernatural groups, or heaven, he tried to push them away. He got a new job, got a small apartment to live at, and tried to bury it all under the rug.

Yet ghosts of the past were at work. Dio, an old classmate, had found Malik and tried to rope him into shady activities. This roped him first into a gang battle, where even though his powers saved his life and probably Dio's revealed his presence to government associates. For some reason they didn't give him away. After Dio recovered, he discovered some dirt on Malik's inhumanity. From there he tried to pressure Malik into being cooperative in his schemes. It began with threats, and eventually ended with arson as Dio set fire to Malik's apartment, leaving Malik with nearly nothing to his name.

Malik began living at H.O.P.E shelter, doing what odd jobs he could to pay for his stay until he could buy a new place. Since he didn't have anywhere to himself where he could hide if his powers built up, he began to feel the strain once more. As he continued to encounter situations which required supernatural abilities to handle, he grew paranoid that he'd be discovered. He never knew when someone might come for him. When he got a tip that the government knew about him, he was relieved. There was no more need to wonder if the next day would be his last. He was given a way out. Finally took their advice and took a train to escape to 'safer' territories. But Malik couldn't stand the small tame town. He couldn't stand seeing supernatural things wherever he turned. While he felt like the only supernatural at home, he felt like the only human in his new environment. He grew homesick and miserable quickly, and always felt too charged to be of any use. It was hard for him to break out of unhealthy methods to manage his powers. When a friend, Maximillion found him, He was well on the edge to breaking.

He offered to help Malik. The man's method of sealing was a vital but temporary fix. The man's promise was to provide Malik training and experience which would lighten the burden of having so much power. Malik retreated to a magical land to study and learn about who he was. Things were fine for a while but eventually Malik reached a stalemate where he was aware of his potential to do various things with his powers but couldn't figure out how to turn the potential into reality. His training was slacking which didn't help. Malik needed to be active to avoid feeling increasingly homesick, and things just weren't working out. Desire to be elsewhere led him to stumble on spirit-walking. That made a difference. After stumbling through his own country, and a hell, he found his way to a heaven where the Angel Amitiel was willing to help him out. Just a little sparring unstuck the roadblock. Since then Malik hasn't had nearly as much trouble with his powers.

After a time, A rebel group came wanting to bring Malik back to help fight against the state's anti-supernatural efforts. Sheut, who had been trying to contact Malik, dragged him and Max back to the group's HQ, where each were given tasks based on their abilities, and told to wait for future instructions. There Malik saw his first glimpse of normalcy again. He was given supernatural blockers by Procel so that he could more effectively pass as human, as well as the chance to finish school and gain a stable job. He met several other supernaturals there and his life became quite stable before he finally was given his first assignment.

Malik was instructed to go out to a nearby city and collaborate with a few other members of the group for orders unknown to him. Fed up with such vagueness Malik wandered off on his own, and waited for them to contact him. During the evening a supernatural fallout occurred, and Malik tried to escape discretely. Unfortunately he was captured in the end.

To his surprise, all he got was an intensive interview, some 'medication' and was relocated to a place where the rules on supernaturals happened to be a little different than what he was used to.

Design tips

Physical Features

It is very important to me that Malik looks black rather than like a caucasian with a dark skin. His facial structure matters a lot to this end. If drawing him in a realistic style, play close attention to the width of his nose, his mouth shape and the folds of his eyelids, and the height of his cheeks. referencing actual African-American faces can help.

Although I sometimes get this wrong too, Malik is meant to have a boxy and strong build. be mindful of the width of his shoulders and torso. Include hints of well-developed muscle mass, but avoid over-contouring.

feel free to play around with highlights and reflected light or give his skin metallic highlights.


You may play with what he is wearing as long as the general style matches existing images. Dark Red, purple, black and blue are common colors one might see him in, along with denim or khaki pants.

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