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Aurelius is a Mosaic with the gem type of Alexandrite. He's very cocky and lives for the spotlight, easily manipulating people into praising him or treating him like a king. He doesn't care about other people past how useful they can be to him. A supreme narcissist. Aurelius is very charismatic and likes to laugh a lot. In general, Aurelius prefers to be surrounded by sycophants who tell him what he wants to hear. Unapologetically pansexual, but is disgustingly vain to the point of being able to get off to his reflection in a mirror.

People often underestimate him because of his arrogance, but he's quite adept at hunting and using his Mist. On occasion, he will hunt humans, but his favorite type of meat is lamb.

Design Notes

  • My most preferred version of him is clothed with his hair unwrapped. However, I'm perfectly okay with him being drawn unclothed or clothed with wrapped hair (the design breakdown image shows how his hair looks wrapped).
  • Alexandrite is a gem where the color varies depending on the light. So it's perfectly acceptable to draw his gems as completely pink, completely blue-green, or a mix of the two.
  • Technically speaking, his headdress with the horns is a removable accessory, but he only removes it when sleeping.