4 years, 7 months ago

Basic Info




Fallen Wanderer,



Birth Species

Maned Wolf




Maned Wolf and Babirusa


16 TEF Size Chart



Personality: Friendly, cautious, stubborn, determined, excitable, adventurous, inquisitive, intelligent, social but uncertain of more than two strangers

When Bargac was born he had no idea what was going to happen to him, he had no idea about how he would change or where he would end up, he was just happy to feed and play and sleep especially in those very early weeks of his life when he could only pull himself across the ground. He had been the only male born in the litter and his two sisters had already been bigger and stronger than him making those first few weeks much harder than he realised. 

That first day out of the den would spark the strangeness that was to become part of his normal life and would change him far beyond anything he had ever been before. He had been lured away from the den by a strange scent, his sense of smell stronger than his sisters' even in those early days, to a large grassland adjacent to the forest they called home. He had heard his parents talk of the grassland, how seasonally it brought them foods like small birds and rodents and even some fruits, but they refused to go now there was something strange there. 

He had climbed up a half-broken tree, which was only just alive, and slowly made his way further up to get a better view. He noticed there was a strange rippling in the air, a strange mixture of colours that seemed to move and shift; what we would consider oil on water. The smell was much stronger, almost overwhelming, and as he looked over, he saw a flock of birds fly through apart from two who seemed to back off and squabble with each other not sure about the strangeness in the air. There was a sense of danger, his instincts told him to leave, to back off and not go near, and this time he listened. He tried to warn the others, his parents and siblings of what he saw when he was back at the den but they had told him it was just his mind.

As he grew, he put the strangeness behind him and focused on learning everything he could about living in their rainforest home from how to catch even the slipperiest frogs to how to dig out the deepest and best roots when the weather was harsher, and seasons were worse. It had been hard, he was smaller than his siblings and just a little weaker for those lessons on digging and climbing, but his sense of smell had helped him learn the best ways to find the prey his sisters always struggled with. This had slowly helped him gain the upper paw, had given him the energy and strength his body needed, and allowed him to challenge his sisters more and gave him more courage to begin exploring more of the forest.

He had been exploring again, had been investigating the world searching for what he didn't know, when he had found that grassland again. Their den had moved a few times once they grew and he had almost forgotten about the strangeness when the familiar scent drifted on the wind. He followed it, found the grassland, and froze when he noticed the strangeness had not only stayed there but had grown closer to the forest seemingly taking out whatever was there.

He knew there was danger, his instincts told him so, but his curiosity after seeing it move made him braver than he had thought. He wanted to know what it was, what it could do, what was on the other side and what had allowed it to move. Those steps would be beyond life changing and he didn't even realise.