Rose Family (Eden & Eren)



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pink n blue

Eden Rose

GENDER Female [She/They]
AGE 25
HEIGHT 5"10 / 177 CM
SPECIES Floritissmou - ff (Rosa 'Eden') / Human
SEXUALITY Heterosexual
PARTNER "to cool to have a partner"
OCCUPATION InterDesigner
VOICE CLAIM Elizabeth Comstock - Bioshock Infinite


* 6th child of the Rose Family.
+ She was quite close to her older siblings, She loves teasing and annoying Eren.
+ Despite not close to Barc, She liked entertaining him and it tends to work!
+ She was like Sydney, though keeping her cute and girly aura around. She liked rough housing with her siblings and other kids.

* School
+ Well from her colors and face, isn't she pretty? From guys to girls, lots were fond of her beauty.
+ Though, everyone knows her personality, despite beauty she was also a tad of a bully. Wanting to fight, Bentu Twi asked for a duel, They fought but this turned into a friendship... A Friendship you wouldn't imagine.
+ Despite name calling one another and trashing each other's look, They stuck by together, guys would try to get them but these 2 have each other's backs and would fight anyone who takes the other. They considered each other as "girlfriend" even though both don't have romantic feelings to one another.
+ Bentu was happy that Eden was fond of drawing, Bentu would tell her the ideas she has and Eden would attempt to draw these ideas.
+ Met Sannie because of Eren, She liked bullying Sannie.

* She took Interdesign and Bentu took it too.
+ They were passing greatly, which was good.

* "OOF"
+ Found out that her older brother Sidney liked Bentu, but considering of her mean personality, Bentu actually softly declined and Eden patted his back egsjkbnesg
+ "Eren I know you like Sannie now can you shut the fuck up and stoping fantasizing k thanks."

* Helped build Sannie's dream Flower Shop
+ "Aw yeah I did that i better get some of the money"
+ "where's the money Sannie."

* Been getting good pay on the designs she makes
+ Aw yessssssssssss

* Majority of my siblings are getting parnters
+ ...
+ I dont care, I don't think I need a partner lmao

* Oh god Eren got a gf
+ Honey I wish you luck
+ But aaaa!!!! Her brother is a pink rose!! Oh I don't feel alone no more uwu and same fashion taste ;0!


  • Skin | #FFF9EE
  • Hair | #FFEDED + #FFFFFF + #A4E49E
  • Eyes | #D6ECF6
  • Blood | #2CBD5A

Eden, despite her looks is actually a rowdy girl, she likes to have fun and get rough but still stay and look cute over all. She tends to nag and fight the people she's close with, when not close she gets really F.O. (Feeling Close) like giving soft punches on the shoulder and what not.


  • She knows how to play the electric guitar
  • She Buys too much Notebooks but not gonna use em anyway
  • She copes with Memes
  • She loves Turtles
  • Knows Self Defense.
Eren Rose

GENDER Male [He/They]
AGE 24
HEIGHT (w/o heels) 5"10 / 177 CM | (w/ heels) 6" / 182 CM
SPECIES Floritissmou - fff (Blue Rose) / Human
PARTNER Ivvy Hedera Rosa [ Melonande ]


* Born as the 7th Rose Child of the Rose Family.
+ Eren wasn't... Talkative, just like his older brother Sidney...Though he wasn't a cry baby, he was a tad more aggressive.
+ He'd fight with Eden lots, Eden thinking it's just a game but in reality Eren really is annoyed by her.
+ A Pushy child, he didn't do much..

* School
+ School basically changed him, not because of the girls fawning over him, no that's not it.
+ He kept this chill facade in school, So the reviews the teachers make towards Eren, Thorn was surprise of...
+ He met a higher grade student, His name was Sannie. He was a floritissmou just like him. Eren grew attraction to Sannie. Eventually Eren introduced Sannie to his older sister. This didn't turned out well as Eren sees Eden bullying Sannie.
+ As much as girls were at his stem, he didn't date any. Hoping one day he'd get Sannie... But too bad for the boy, Sannie was straight. And as he stalked and watch Sannie, He sees what he's truly capable of. A Perverted man who eyed women... Eren shrugged it off..
+ Trying his best to think that he'd be with Sannie, He'd cope by harming himself, this stuck by and nobody seemed to noticed or care. He didn't show this to Sannie neither.

* Joining along Sannie's dream of the FlowerShop.
+ As they opened, Eren then eventually met Reeri Pad, He wasn't fine at her at first but considering Reeri kept being positive towards Eren, he too grew attached Reeri.
+ One time Eren gushed over Sannie while he was asleep at his home and was near Reeri's pond.

* Years later woopdy doo Sannie got a girlfriend
+ Eren seems to shrug it off but.... He couldn't allow it.
+ He eventually fought with Sannie's girlfriend, Lilly, knowing that she'd kidnap Sannie and keep him to herself.
+ As Sannie barged in to the fight, Lilly then acted victim and blamed Eren in this situation, this made Sannie pissed off of Eren.

* Days passes and a second fight happened.
+ This time it was Sannie and Eren. As Eren was pissed off of Lilly and how she's just a problem in the Shop, Sannie quickly punched Eren for that. This made him finally snap.
+ Sannie tried threatening Eren he'd call the police on him but it backfired, as Eren talks about the constant times Sannie eyed women wrongly and how he even eyes his sister. Explaining that while Lilly around, She makes Reeri disappear by random.
+ Reeri in the back agreed to this as well. So on Eren became fine again and told Sannie to watch himself and not get him angry next time.

* Things has been fine in the Shop till then.
+ Months later, Eren became fine with Lilly in the shop and would alarm her if Sannie eyes a gal.

* Oh?
+ As he's doing his job, A girl with orange hair went in the Shop. He can sense something different. She wasn't as you say... Human.
+ Ofc, Eren tried getting her attention, but no luck as she then attempted to ignore him.
+ But as she went to the counter and bought a flowers, weirden by how low the price was, this seemed to start a convo.
+ As the convo passes, Eren points out that she's not human, and she did agreed to that, revealing that she's an Ivy plant, Funny to know her name was "Ivvy"
+ They seemed to get a connection at some point, As Eren confessed in the most dumbest and cheesiest way that he could, he eventually managed to get Ivvy, which as they, is rare!
+ Eren doesn't tell Sannie that he has a girlfriend though.



  • Skin | #F8EDDB
  • Hair | #D6ECF6 + #FFFFFF + #A4E49E
  • Eyes | #FFEDED
  • Blood | #2CBD5A

he's chill and fun to hang out with. Has this nice aura comin out. talk to him and hell talk back and try to keep the conversation going. Though when it comes to lovers or the people he likes, he's actually possessive and will do anything for their love, though he has never attempt murder, he will if he needed to. He can still keep a cool aura when near them. Despite possessive, hes not the type to stalk, he'd most likely make sure you know he's there.


  • He always has one eye covered cuz he's edgy
  • Has a pocket knife on him all the time
  • He dislikes birds
  • Actually in a band but he performs at night jsegn